How To Choose The Right Circuit Machine

Many fitness instructors advice their clients to use a circuit machine because it helps them lift with perfect form.

circuit machineCircuit training involves short bursts of resistance training using moderate weights and frequent repetitions. Some instructors may throw in aerobics in between resistance exercises to increase the heart rate. Circuit training improves endurance, strength and metabolism.

Every circuit machine is designed to work different muscles groups. In addition, they are easy to set up. Circuit machines are designed to allow individuals to move from one machine to another within a limited amount of time. A good machine will help you strengthen all your major muscle groups in half an hour.

Using A Circuit Machine

One of the most important things to do when using a circuit machine is to pay attention to the seats and arms. They should be properly adjusted and aligned properly to your height.

Most fitness instructors advise their clients to complete 10-12 repetitions on a machine before moving on to the next one. They should be able to complete all machines in their circuit before taking a break. Once they have completed all machines they can take a three minute break before beginning the next set. For a full body work out, many trainers recommend completing at least two to three sets. You can include cardio vascular training such as squats, jumping jacks or jumping rope between each machine.

9 Types Of Circuit Machines

1. Seated Calf Raise Machine

As the name suggests, this circuit machine helps to strengthen the calf muscles. It can also be used to strengthen the muscle below the calf muscle known as the soleus.

2. Hip Abduction Machine

It is used to strengthen the inner thighs and the gluteus medius muscle.

3. Leg Curl Machine

Used to strengthen hamstring muscles

4. Leg Extension Machine

It focuses on working the quadriceps

5. Seated Row Machine

This is an excellent machine that you can use to work out your middle back. Other muscles that you work out while using this circuit machine are the lower back muscles, lateral back muscles and biceps.

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6. Chest Press Machine

You can work out your chest muscles without including other muscles such as shoulder and back muscles.

7. Bicep Curl Machine

This machine allows you to isolate and work your bicep muscles only

8. Shoulder Press Machine

This machine specifically allows to you work your rotator cuff and deltoids.

9. Leg Press Machine

This machine allows you to work your hamstrings, quadriceps and glutes.

How To Choose The Right Circuit Machine

When choosing which circuit machine to include in your training facility, you should consider selecting at least eight to ten machines for different muscle groups.

The best workouts include switching between two opposing muscle groups. For instance, when you work out your biceps you should follow it with a tricep workout.

For instance, if you have women clients, a good full body work out should begin with the lower body. They should start with the leg press machine, then the squat machine, the leg curl machine, the leg extension machine and finish with the calf raise machine.

Once they finish the lower body workout, they can move on to the upper body circuit machine. They can start with the chest press, the shoulder press, the bicep curl and finally finish with the tricep push down.

It’s all a matter of choosing machines that your clients will benefit the most out of. The more variety you have the more your clients will appreciate coming to your gym because they know they will get a satisfactory work out.

Leasing Circuit Machines

Leasing circuit machines is a great way of acquiring all the machines that you need for your gym without using too much money. It makes it easier for you to acquire state-of-the art equipment at only a fraction of the price.

Moreover, leasing has plenty of other benefits such as:

  1. Tax savings
  2. No need for collateral or down payments
  3. Upgrading equipment at the end of the lease
  4. You can own the equipment at the end of the lease through a lease-to-own agreement
  5. You can free up working capital and use it for other operation in your gym rather than tying it up in equipment.

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