How To Lease Fitness Equipment

Lease-Fitness-Equipment If you are looking to start your own home gym, the costs associated with putting in decent exercise and fitness equipment can be discouraging. In a market where newer gear is available each year, and your equipment needs change as your exercise program evolves, you need to be in a better situation to properly provide for your needs at the moment, and be able to swap out for newer innovations as they are required.

The Fitness Equipment Dillemma

Leasing fitness equipment is a great and unique way to get around the rising costs associated with these products, as well as avoiding the depreciation that always seems to occur with this type of equipment. Through leasing, gym owners are able to continuously upgrade their equipment without forking over huge sums of cash. Most fitness equipment leasing companies will be able to fully furnish any size gym.

When leasing for this purpose, it is always advisable to consult a CPA or tax attorney to look into all the advantages of leasing over purchase. Can the sales tax be deferred with a positive impact on your tax liability? Look into the depreciation rates for exercise gear as opposed to say, home electronics.

List the items that you are going to need for your purposes. This allows you to maximize the use of your time and get all you need in one fell swoop.

Check out several companies that lease fitness equipment, examining leasing options and the terms provided, whether they be 24, 36, or 48 months. Get a written quote from each company you consult, and verify that lease payments do in fact include all costs such as shipping.

You may now select the best leasing program for your needs, either continuing with the lease program after it expires or return the equipment. You may even choose to purchase the equipment for fair market value.  Fill out a leasing agreement and submit it to the company.  Approvals may take a matter of hours, but are generally done within the same business day.

Your Equipment Leasing Alternative

You may also wish to look into leasing used or reconditioned exercise and fitness equipment, as this may drastically cut down on your cost. You should also look into those companies who come with strong referrals, as they will almost always be your best bet for quality customer service and overall satisfaction.

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