Three Reasons why you should Lease Kitchen Equipment for your Restaurant

If your restaurant is tight on finances and you need good kitchen equipment, leasing may be right for you.

kitchen equipmentRunning a restaurant is never easy, because there are so many factors to you servicing your guests effectively. You need hostesses and waiters to take care of customers, offer them food, and take food orders; you need chefs to make the food, dishwashers to take care of silverware, and more to make the restaurant an overall appealing place for customers.

All of it leads back to the kitchen though: whether you’re cooking food or cleaning plates or dealing with laundry, chances are the vast majority of it runs through the kitchen. Your servers and hostesses may take care of customers in a hospitable way, but without the food and silverware from the kitchen, customers cannot truly be pleased with the restaurant they are getting food from.

Your kitchen needs to be stocked to the max with the best equipment possible; if there isn’t enough good kitchen equipment, waits for food could increase, decreasing your efficiency in service. That’s why your kitchen needs to be as efficient as possible in its setup, but getting the financing for this massive bulk of hardware is extremely challenging.

Luckily, you can lease all the kitchen equipment you need, allowing you to pay low monthly rates to gain use of the equipment until your business improves financially. Then, at the end of the lease, you can buy the equipment, continue renting the equipment, upgrade it, or return it.

What Makes a Restaurant Run Well?

The key to restaurants is service: no matter what kind of restaurant you have, you need to make sure the entire environment is welcoming and clean, the service is good, and the food is provided to customers quickly and with high efficiency. Whether you’re a diner with a more laid back, classic feel or a higher class restaurant or something in the middle, the looks of the building, exterior and interior, matter to customers.

Your customers will judge a book by the cover, as the look of the building and the first look they get at the interior is what gives them a good or bad first impression of your restaurant. Most restaurants have hostesses or servers to greet customers; this is the first interaction your customers get with your workers, but it won’t be the last.

Any of your workers that deal with customers, whether they be servers, hostesses, or managers, need to be friendly, patient, and knowledgeable on all of their duties, which is why these are some of the most important positions to fill out. Of course, your kitchen staff should be just as quick, fast, efficient, and friendly as the rest of your workers, as they handle everything from cleaning all of the dishes and utensils to preparing and cooking food.

Having your kitchen running well allows bussers to take care of tables fast, servers to get meals to customers quick, and allows you to keep customers satisfied overall.

Why Should I Lease my Kitchen Equipment?

Fact of the matter is, your restaurant is completely dependent on your kitchen, and while having good chefs and employees is important, your kitchen is completely dependent on the kitchen equipment. If you have good equipment, there’s less chance of something breaking down, you get tasks done faster and with more efficiency, and if you can get more equipment it means you’re well-prepared.

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This is where leasing comes into play; if you lease your kitchen equipment, you’ll pay a low amount of money to get a huge bulk of effective, furbished equipment, allowing you to get both quantity and quality out of the kitchen equipment you get in one swoop. With leasing, you get a contract for a set period of time where you get to have the equipment and pay flat monthly rates, giving you the luxury of good equipment at low costs.

Once a lease is up, you even get options as far as whether you want to keep leasing, buy the equipment, or return it. Other advantages of leasing include the fact that you can get upgraded equipment (which many businesses cannot do if they buy the equipment because they can’t afford it) and tax deductibles from the lease.

Making my Restaurant a Better Place: Should I Lease my Kitchen Equipment?

Getting a lease on your kitchen equipment has countless advantages: you get all of your equipment at a much lower cost, you get options out of the lease itself as far as what you want, and you get better equipment versus if you bought it, but all of this depends on the lease you get.

A lease is not just an easy deal you can get anywhere; you have to know how leases work, know how the equipment you’re buying works, and, most importantly, know what you want out of the lease. Before you even start searching, you should have an idea of a contract period you want, maximum monthly fee you want to pay, and more factors into what you want from your lease.

Don’t be one of those business owners that gets a long term lease on short-term equipment, pays through the nose for it, then tries to get out only to find that the cancellation fee is just another nightmare to deal with. You shouldn’t even have to look at the cancellation fee; you should know that the lease you have is the one you’re sticking with for the entire period.

After all, you want your business to last a long time, and you’ll need quite a bit of equipment for a while. To learn more about how leasing kitchen equipment can make your life easier, click here.