An Overview Of Point Of Sale Hardware Equipment

For many retailers, point of sale equipment hardware is becoming the best choice for increasing sales.

point of sale hardware equipmentPoint of sale equipment hardware is essential for the careful handling of cash and credit card transactions taking place in your place of business every day. They provide a secure means of payment for your business and your customers.

Servers with point of sale systems are accountable for all sales facilitated by them and can only be accessed after entering the correct password. This goes a long way into preventing theft.

One of the main advantages of using point of sale equipment is it improves interactions between your employees and customers. For instance, if you own a restaurant, orders taken at a table reach the kitchen directly through digital displays or printouts.

This prevents confusion and reduces the amount of time a client has to wait for their order. Below is an overview of some of the core elements of point of sale hardware equipment.

Components Of Point Of Sale Hardware Equipment

Computer Work Station

Computer work stations have replaced electronic cash registers and they are the core component of most point of sale systems these days. Computer work stations can process all the data required to process a transaction, houses all software required for a single point of sale and powers all other devices the terminal uses.


In the past, a cash register had a small, on board display. These days the point of sale terminal is a computer so businesses make use of the computer monitor to display information.

The good thing about the monitor is that it provides information to your employees as well as to your clients. Businesses are adopting technology changes and have begun introducing touch screen technology to their point of sale configurations.

Bar Code Scanner

Most products sold in retail outlets have a UPC (Universal Product Code) on their packaging. All your employee has to do is swipe the products over the bar code scanner sensor and the UPC on them will be interpreted.

The scanner then interprets the information into data that the server and the workstation can use. The bar code scanner has improved the way things move along in many retail stores and this has seen increased efficiency and sales.

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Receipt Printer

A receipt printer prints a record of the transaction for the client. Since the days of electronic cash registers, the receipt printer is probably one of the points of sale equipment hardware that hasn’t advanced that much in terms of technology. The only change that has been made on the receipt printer is the speed at which it prints.

Credit Card Swipe

The credit card swipe does two things. First, it reads the customer’s credit/debit card information when the cashier swipes the card over the credit card swipe’s reading mechanism. This works similarly to the bar code scanner. Secondly, the credit card swipe then sends information to the right credit card companies or banks for approval. The information will then be sent back to the workstation once the equipment receives the information.

Cash Drawer

This is point of sale hardware equipment where the cashier gathers valuable items such as money orders, checks and money. Just like the receipt printer, the cash drawer also hasn’t changed much. Modern technology has however ensured that the cash drawer is more secure.

Are There Any Drawbacks To Using Point Of Sale Equipment?

Yes, there are drawbacks to using point of sale hardware equipment. This is because they rely on technology and they can be hacked by people with malicious intentions. This is why you need to upgrade your systems every so often to avoid falling prey to hackers. In addition, you should always back up your records and data to avoid losing them.

Lease Your Point Of Sale Equipment

Leasing your point of sale hardware equipment is a much cheaper option to purchasing it. Leasing allows you to upgrade your current equipment to equipment that uses the latest technology. There is no extra cost and you can request for newer models of the equipment you are currently using.

Obtaining state of the art point of sale equipment isn’t a cheap venture but you don’t have to worry because with leasing, you do not need to have large sums of money upfront as you would when making a purchase.

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