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    There�s a very easy and quick way any iPod Video owner can use to get their favorite movies into their iPod Video. But first, Crack Software have to know what video formats the iPod works with. There are various types of video formats:

    – DVD

    – AVI

    – DivX

    – XviD

    – WMV

    – ASF

    – RM

    – RMVB

    – Mpg/Mpeg

    They appear as an extension after the file name of your video� such as �The Longest Yard.avi��So to feed your iPod with videos, all we have to do is convert these formats into the MP4 video format, which the iPod only allows. The MP4 format is very compressed and saves a lot of space on your iPod hard drive.

    Here is what you need as basics:

    – A Video-to-iPod Converter. There is software that converts any video format to the iPod MP4 format.

    – A DVD Player installed on your computer. Crack can use iTunes to preview videos before they get put into your iPod.

    – A DVD Ripper installed in your computer if you want to transfer DVD into your iPod. Also, there is a software which converts any video format plus the DVD format to the iPod MP4 video format.

    – iTunes, which is free for download at the Apple website.

    – And your Video iPod with its USB Cable.

    Here is the Basic 3 Step Method:

    1. Use your Video-to-iPod converter to locate the video you want to convert into the iPod MP4 format in your hard drive� and click select/convert. Remember in the �Output Settings�, select �DivX 6.0 codec� for the optimum output.

    2. If you want to copy DVD movies into your iPod, you need to use a DVD ripper to rip the DVD file out of the DVD�use the DVD ripper to select the movie you want to transfer to your iPod and click extract/rip.

    3. Find the files that have been converted, DVD or Non-DVD using the iTunes Library. Make sure they appear in iTunes and test if they work. Load the MP4 files to your iPod by clicking �Update iPod� under �File� in iTunes.

    There Crack Download go, a simple method to enjoy your movies � whatever you want, wherever you want and whenever you want!