Fitness Trends 2012 – The Need For Trained Fitness Professionals

Trained-Fitness-ProfessionalsThe good news is that more and more Americans are becoming concerned about their weight, their level of fitness, their overall health and general well being. The bad news is that not nearly as many are as concerned about entrusting their health and exercise regimen to somebody who is properly educated and trained in the field of fitness. It isn’t enough to start working out in the basement of a cousin who happens to own a set of weights. No, if you want to go about this weight loss and fitness plan the right way, do what you would do if you were looking for someone to work on your house or fix your car….hire a professional.

The Professional Fitness Solution

How do you know what to look for in a personal trainer? First off, certification from a recognized authority in the fitness field, such as the NCCA or ACSM. Personal trainers should hold current, up to date certifications, as this allows you the assurance that you are working with a professional who has the knowledge and skills to help you achieve your fitness goals. Never be shy about asking to see a copy of the trainer’s current certification, or you can contact the certification agency to make sure the status is up to date.

You also want to find out just how much experience a trainer has in a given area. Are they “all purpose” or do they specialize in certain types of workouts, weight loss plans, or other specialities such as sports medicine, pre-natal, or post rehabilitation fitness? If you are dealing with an injury or other medical condition, can the trainer accommodate you, altering the curriculum to allow for your specific needs? Are they familiar with the latest in fitness equipment and procedures?

In addition to certification, a college degree in a related field is always a big plus. Exercise science or other related fields can help bring additional knowledge and experience to the table. It also lets you know that your trainer has the basic foundation necessary for establishing an exercise program.

Talk to your trainer. This needs to be somebody that you get along with, that you have a rapport with. You want somebody who genuinely has your best interests at heart and who is able to motivate you to do well, even if it means pushing you and beyond your comfort zone. Basically, the trainer should be someone that you like.

A Fitness Trainer For Your Needs

Determine if this person is someone that you can work with. Can the trainer accommodate your schedule? Do you want someone of the same gender or not? There are no right and wrong answers to these questions. You just need to have someone who has the experience and qualifications to meet your specific needs, and they need to be someone that you have a decent rapport with both personally and professionally. Only then will you get the results out of the fitness program that you desire.

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