Fitness Trends 2012 – Personal Training

personal-trainingThe good news is that more and more Americans are becoming concerned about their weight and their health, joining gyms and investing in home fitness equipment. The bad news is that very few know how to design and implement an effective training plan designed to generate the results that are desired.

The Growth Of Personal Training

There is more good news, however, and that is found in the number of students who are majoring in kinesiology, preparing themselves for a future career as a personal trainer. Personal trainers are fitness instructors who are active in exercise prescription and instruction. They work one on one with different clients, setting goals and providing appropriate criticism and encouragement. They perform an assessment of the client and develop a rigorous long or short term fitness program designed to help them achieve their fitness goals.

Other aspects of fitness may also be explored, such as changes in nutrition and other general health problems. They are also able to work with different medical conditions that may have an effect on how well a client is able to perform. More and more, proper education, training, and experience are required for personal trainers and the health clubs and clients who employ them.

Benefits Of A Personal Trainer

A personal training professional is able to enhance and augment the scope of a fitness program to accommodate the general healthy population.  A client must first recognize their needs in this area and then seek out a personal trainer who can pay appropriate attention to things such as exercise form, measure of discipline, workout routine, and overall nutrition plan.

Women tend to make use of personal trainers more than men, and studies have shown that it tends to improve behavioral patterns, the benefit to concern ration, and increasing the confidence in the ability to choose exercise in lieu of other time demands.  The end result is higher strength, more intense workouts, and more in the way of actual exertion.

Personal trainers may work in fitness facilities, or they may freelance in homes or other locations of the client’s choosing.  Personal trainers may also work through TV or DVD programs designed to be purchased and used in the home.

Personal trainers may also specialize in certain areas of exercise and fitness, or they may cater to a certain type of client, determining the type of exercise, as well as the frequency and duration of that exercise.  They will also prescribe subsequent stretching routines or other programs designed to accentuate the workout experience.  Some of the more knowledgeable and experienced personal trainers will get into the nutritional aspect of fitness, recommending changes in diet and caloric intake to get the most out of the exercise and fitness regimen.

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