Pros And Cons Of The Newest Fitness Equipment

newest-fitness-equipmentOkay, so you’re thinking about leasing some new fitness equipment for that home gym you’ve just built, or perhaps you’re going into the fitness business and you need all the proper tools of the trade. The question becomes, what is the best equipment to lease, and what are some of the pros and cons of each? Weighing the benefits versus the liabilities can go a long way towards helping you make those decisions.

Bars & Bands, Bodyweight Exercises

It is possible to get the workout you want without a single piece of equipment involved. This is done through exercises based on your bodyweight, using that weight as the source of resistance. Through this, you can strengthen every possible muscle group through the use of a natural range of motion. It is always free, immediately available to you, however it is harder to increase the level of difficulty naturally and there is some creative thought that goes into this process. Bodyweight exercises make use of squats, bends, pushes, pulls, lunges, twists, and gait exercise, most of which can be done solo or with minimal equipment such as a pull up bar or exercise ball.

Weight Machines

Weight machines offer the plus and minus of utilizing simple, controlled movements for exercise, and while this may be a decent option for those beginning an exercise regimen, or for older adults whose range of motion and ability has been curtailed with age, but they are largely ineffective for making strength and agility gains transferable into real world applications. If you are looking into a weight machine, consider a cable pulley device, as they offer a greater array of exercise options and angles. They are not inexpensive, which is why they are often found in gyms as opposed to homes.

Free Weights

These are among the most popular of all types of exercise and fitness equipment, providing a very natural feel and range of motion, along with the added benefit of easily being able to increase resistance.  Of course the downside is that there is a greater risk of injury, and heavier weights often require the assistance of a spotter.  The use of free weights allows your body to recruit additional muscles in order to stabilize weight, and through proper form reduce the risk of injury.  Progress should be made gradually….don’t heap on the extra two hundred pounds just because there is a pretty girl looking on!

Exercise Bands

These are great options if you travel a lot or are on a budget, as they are inexpensive, portable, and safe for use in a variety of settings. Resistance levels may vary but overall, the use of these bands is a productive and efficient methods of working on fitness training.  Combined with bodyweight exercises, they are an excellent method of developing strength in all major muscle groups.

Obviously, there are a lot of choices out there, with pros and cons for each. It is important to determine which type of fitness equipment combination is right for you, and then look into the best fitness equipment leasing and financing options that are available to you.

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