Building a Successful Commercial Gym On A Limited Budget

A Fitness Goal

Everyone wants to be successful in their chosen endeavor, but unfortunately, many folks never get past the simple idea of their dream, mistakenly believing that if they can somehow magically get the doors open, then enough people will come through them and purchase their product or service to make it worth their while. Nothing could be further from the truth, however, and if you want to make your dream of a commercial gym a reality, then it is time to examine some cold facts, namely the hurdles you must overcome if you want that gym to be a continued success.

First off, is the market there? Simply put, yes. More people than ever are interested in fitness, and as a result are more likely to frequent your establishment, provided of course that you do everything as you should.  Here is how you build a quality gym with limited resources.

Target your audience with a theme that appeals to them.  Of course you will need basic gear such as free weights, cardio units, etc. but if your niche is boxing, then you are going to need punching bags…a lot of them. Other gyms make use of rock walls or stationary bikes. Whatever your theme is, you need to invest in the gear to get it done and make it appealing.  Think demographics…who is your customer?  Know your audience and cater to them.  You may also wish to punch up the proceedings by partnering with a physician or therapist to provide fitness rehabilitation services.

Where are you going to locate? Location is everything, and as much as people want to get fit, they are only going to expend so much energy when it comes to trying to find you or get to you. You want an accessible, safe location with free parking and outdoor lighting. The more curb appeal you have, the better your clientele will be. Don’t ask, it just works that way.  Once you have settled on a location, visit it at different times of the day to make sure it is not a place that people try to avoid, or one that becomes unnecessarily crowded during peak traffic hours.

Living The Dream

Map out your floor plan, something that makes the most effective use of what space you have. Make sure that locker rooms and showers are clean and attractive, and try not to have the sun blazing through windows on the poor souls working out. This happens in too many establishments and it does not make for a pleasant experience.

Fitness equipment is not cheap, and you can easily spend up to $10,000 for a single piece of gear. Not desirable when you have an entire facility to furnish.  In cases such as this, fitness equipment financing and leasing are attractive options, especially for gym owners who are working with extremely tight startup budgets.

LeaseQ offers a number of available fitness equipment leasing and financing options, allowing gym  owners to obtain the highest quality of gear for the lowest expenditure of funds, and providing them the opportunity to upgrade as their budgets allow.

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