How To Negotiate A Successful AV Setup Rental

The Need For Quality AV Presentation

In any sort of presentation, from the board room to the concert hall, the quality of your audio visual setup can make or break an event. You want the best possible presentation, and preferably for the least amount of money paid out for the privilege.  When looking to rent audio visual gear, keep in mind a few of the more successful negotiating tactics.

audio visual equipment renting leasing

Make certain that you have the specific needs and budget parameters clearly defined. Have in writing what your presenter is bringing to the table as well as each individual piece of gear that you will need. Ideally you want to have all equipment needed coming from one source since this will eliminate any compatibility issues. Providing a budget range also allows the vendor to make appropriate suggestions for good, better, and best options for your specific event.

Have a drop dead top end figure in mind. Know the extent that you are willing to pay and stick to your budgetary guns. It is of course up to you as to whether or not you should disclose this particular figure to the vendor.

Newer technology translates as bucks. For every bit of modern technology you want to use, you are going to pay for. Do you really want every attendee to have an iPad when a binder would actually work just fine? Keep these things in mind as you are picking and choosing what matters and what doesn’t.

Some venues mandate that you must use their in house AV provider for your event. Either have that clause stricken from the contract or find another venue to host your event.

For multi artist or speaker events, arrange the speaker selection and scheduling based on the technology available. Ideally, one set up and tear down is the preferred option.

Options For Future Events

Find out from your provider when the slow months or weekdays are for equipment rental, as this knowledge may come in handy when it comes to obtaining discounted rates for “off season” events.

Arrange to work with your AV partner several times over the coming months or years, as a prolonged relationship and repeat business may mean reduced prices. It also allows them to plan for equipment availability and staff for several months in advance.

Of course one option that has been overlooked here is the option of getting out of the rental game altogether. LeaseQ provides a number of audio visual equipment leasing and financing options that allow you to actually own the equipment you need and be able to use it as you see fit, as well as providing a manner for upgrading that equipment as newer technology becomes available.

The benefits of equipment leasing are varied and appealing, so before going through the hassle of renting, contact LeaseQ to discover your leasing options today.

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