Fitness On A Budget

Doing More With Less

Most of us would like to be in better shape, but most of us are also feeling the economic pinch, so rushing out and buying that home gym isn’t exactly high on the agenda. We also have busy schedules that may not necessarily allow for a lot of time spent going to the neighborhood gym. Is there a solution in a cash strapped society for someone who wants to improve their overall condition? The answer is yes, and fitness techniques may be found in some of the oddest places and scenarios.  Check out some of the low cost alternatives to a membership at Fitness Anytime.

For starters, take advantage of everyday opportunities. A gym isn’t the be all and end all for fitness. Things you do every day may become a part of your fitness regimen.  Consider taking a brisk walk every day, whether it is through and around your neighborhood or at the local mall. Forget the elevator at work and take the stairs, making a workout of it. You can also park farther away from your destination to get in a few extra steps. For those of us who hate the thought of dings on our car, this is a no brainer.

Get in on the housework. Mowing the yard, weeding the garden, raking leaves and shoveling snow are all great workout activities designed to get the blood pumping. Even indoor vacuuming and scrubbing will increase your heart rate.


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Watching our children play is always fun, but getting down there and involved with them will do much for your good health. Play tag or kickball. Walk them to and through the park. Dance with them (if your dare!) or take a family bike ride. Go swimming. Even video games can be fun if you get off the couch and put your body into whatever you are doing.

There are also ordinary household items that can be effective for upper and lower body exercises. Many larger canned goods can serve as effective free weights. Chairs and step stools may come in handy for doing leg curls. Step stools are excellent for step training.

You can also pursue a decent workout with a very modest investment, such as small handheld dumbbells to increase upper body strength.  You can also purchase exercise DVDs and apps to create the feel of an aerobics class in your living room. Choose one that will help you improve your strength and flexibility.

Reaping The Benefit

Pick up a fitness ball. It looks like a beach ball, but you will be surprised at the number of exercises you can get out of it. This works for flexibility as well as balance.

Jump rope makes for a great cardio vascular workout, and resistance tubing offers weight like resistance when you pull on them, using your own body weight to build strength in your arms and other muscles.

Clearly, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get in shape. Just find opportunities in your every day life to do a little more, work a little harder, and eventually you will start seeing the results you desire.

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