More Ways To Pursue Fitness On A Budget

More Budget Fitness Ideas

Last installment we looked at methods by which to achieve fitness goals and stay that way without breaking your bank account. Turns out there were so many options we decided to add a second installment. Given the current economic climate, we believe in providing as much assistance as we can. Thanks are not necessary but are appreciated!

Consider some of the newest home gym options, since there are options out there that are priced at $200 or below that can give you an excellent workout. If you are considering new gear, among the more popular options out there is the Bowflex, which offers 50 different workouts and up to 210 pounds of resistance, allowing it to add muscle to every part of the body.  Newer models are still pricing out at less than $1000, so you get a lot of fitness bang for your buck.

Becoming fit does not mean breaking the bank, so we look at additional budget fitness ideas.

Of course you can also do wonders with a set of freeweights, usually found for less than $15 and very easy to use for all levels of fitness endeavors.  Amazon and Overstock are excellent sources for bundled deals, and $50 might be enough to get you a set of dumbbells, a workout DVD, and an exercise mat. Not too shabby.

Consider used sporting goods equipment, most of which can be had for less than half of the original retail price. This can prove invaluable when considering items that can be grown out of or moved up from, such as bats, gloves, and shoes.  You can also trade in used gear from last year for newer stuff to use this upcoming season.  And if you realize you just aren’t as into a sport as you hoped you would be, then you can swap out for different gear to try something new.

Online Fitness Solutions

Amazon and CraigsList can also offer up some very affordable used sports equipment deals. I’ve seen $250 bats going for less than $50 in the CraigsList classifieds. Amazon offers user reviews of given products, allowing you to make a more informed decision before plunking down your money. It is highly recommended that you trust only those reviews from folks with “real name” verification, since some companies ghostwrite phony reviews of their products in order to jumpstart sales.

No, you do not have to spend great heaps of cash in order to get fit. Deals are out there, as long as you are patient and willing to wait for the best deal to come along. Keep in mind that best deal does not always equal price. Sometimes, a higher price may be justified if the piece in question is in exceptional condition. Be willing to spend what you need to get what you want, but don’t cross the line into throwing good money out for bad.

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