Types Of Restaurant Equipment Needed

What Types Of Restaurant Equipment?

So you’re opening a  restaurant, and the time is fast approaching that you have to start collecting the tools of the trade, namely the equipment needed for you to be able to do business. Of course you must first determine the types of restaurant equipment that will be needed for your specific establishment. What you have depends largely on the type of restaurant you are opening, whether it is a fast food, mid scale, or fine dining establishment.  The amount of equipment will also depend upon the size of the restaurant.

One of the single most important piece of equipment you will need is a Point Of Sale system (POS) that can track purchases as well as inventory usage. POS systems can specify the exact amount of product that is used for each purchase, allowing you to calculate the cost of goods sold. They also allow for printouts that help you determine new ways to control costs.

It is important to determine the types of restaurant equipment that your establishment will need.

You will need to determine the smaller types of restaurant equipment based on the type of restaurant you are running. Pots, pans, and cookware are all quite common to every eatery, but finer dining establishments will need more mixers, dicing equipment, cutlery and marinating pans. Most all restaurants will need steel tables or cutting blocks, as well as meat grinders, dishwashers, bread slicers, and blenders.

You will need ample ranges or stoves to properly prepare enough meals to serve the customer demand, as well as fryers for preparation of fries, onion rings, and other fried items. Heating stations, steam cabinets, and steam tables are also recommended when serving meats and hot sauces.

Cold foods will require a freezer in order to keep them from spoiling, and some of these may need immediate refrigeration upon arrival. Walk in refrigeration units store foods from the service line, left over from the previous serving day.

Restaurant Equipment For Your Establishment

Some restaurants, in particular fast food places, offer self service equipment that is designed to speed up the ordering process. This would include soft drink dispensers which allow customers to fill and refill their own drinks.  Casual dining places often have self serve ice cream. Salad tables, sneeze guards, and holding bins for a cafeteria type setting.

Clearly there are a number of different types of restaurant equipment, and you should sit down early in the planning stages and map out exactly what you are going to require for your restaurant to be a success.

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