Restaurant Equipment For Sale – Should You Buy Or Lease?

Restaurant Equipment For Sale – The Best Option?

Part of the success of any restaurant is knowing what you need for your specific operation and how to best implement your plans to achieve the best results. This is especially true when it comes to restaurant equipment for sale, as you need to be aware of cost both new and used, as well as the benefits of leasing versus purchasing. Building a kitchen is a considerable expense, and you want to make sure that no money is wasted in the process.

You should review your concept plan and choose the proper restaurant equipment to make that happen. You will need a list of the needed equipment, the qualities of each item, and whether or not it should be something purchased new or used. You will then develop a sourcing plan for each piece of equipment, utilizing resources such as internet and other media to find restaurant equipment for sale, and then determining a schedule for acquiring that equipment.

Look at a number of different bids on the equipment prices or leasing options, and pick the one that offers the most for the price. Restaurant equipment for sale means negotiating pricing and financing terms, while equipment leases have their own set of rules that can be applied for the best possible outcome.

Restaurant equipment for sale is not always the best option for your establishment. Look at leasing as a viable alternative.

Restaurant equipment for sale means a loan which enables you to own the piece of gear when it has been completed. Leasing has a number of additional benefits, such as only paying for the equipment for the time that you use it, allowing you to get brand new models and other gear once the term is up simply by signing a new lease.  Better still, when a piece of equipment breaks, it is not your responsibility to repair it.

Some of the best candidates for leasing are many of the same restaurant equipment for sale pieces that you have already looked at:

Ice machines / coolers: These have fairly short lives, since the motors and condensers work very hard and burn out early.  These pieces are expensive upfront and there is no market for used models. Leasing allows you to move on to a new unit when the old one expires.

Coffeemakers: Many coffee companies will give you the machine if you buy your coffee from them, creating flexibility and additional cash flow. You can also upgrade if the technology changes.

Linens: These should also be leased, allowing you to pay a single bill to have them delivered, stocked, and laundered.

Remember that restaurant equipment for sale is not always the best way to go. In many cases you can achieve a more effective result through equipment leasing as opposed to financing. Make sure you are getting all the benefits you can when setting up your establishment.