Used Restaurant Equipment Leasing

Equipping your restaurant means the acquisition of the proper equipment. Remember that not every restaurant needs the same gear, but in most cases the basics do apply. Used restaurant equipment leasing is one sure way to get the material you need without unnecessary expenditures.

Among the items needed by all but the most unusual and unique restaurant concepts:

Commercial Ice Makers: This is one piece of equipment that is pretty much universal, since a restaurant without ice is about as efficient as the old screen door on a submarine. Ice is needed for food preparation, storage, and serving beverages. The ice machine is the first link in the chain.

Stainless steel sinks are critical for a number of reasons, including food preparation, dish washing, and employee hygiene. Having several of these units in strategic locations will do much to enhance your restaurant’s efficiency.

Commercial deep fryers are another staple of restaurants, since almost every one has at least a few fried goods on the menu. Even if you want to avoid this avenue altogether, you may discover a need for it once you have been open for a while.

A griddle. If you are planning to serve breakfast, a griddle is a must have. It is a simple piece of equipment that has a number of uses and benefits.  Make room for this piece as you will get a lot of mileage out of it.

Convection ovens are also popular in most restaurants, useful for everything from breakfast biscuits to roast beef dinners. Standard ovens are passable, but convection ovens cook more evenly and slightly faster, which saves time and energy.

Commercial refrigerators are another needed item, critical to keeping food cold and fresh. These include not only refrigerators, but walk in freezers, coolers, and other temperature based units. Prep tables are found in most kitchens, allowing a place to transition from grill to table. It allows for toppings and ingredients to be kept fresh and close at hand.

Used restaurant equipment leasing is an excellent way to obtain many of these and other important items, and you will be able to do so for a mere percentage of what it would cost to purchase them new. This frees up money for other projects, such as new personnel or expansion of existing facilities.

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