Wholesale Restaurant Supplies Leasing

We all know that leasing restaurant equipment makes sense, but wholesale restaurant supplies leasing is another idea worth considering. Items such as commercial dishwashers, coffeemakers, and ice machines are ideal candidates for leasing, as well as other supplies needed to keep the restaurant operational. Cleaning solutions, paper towel dispensers, and mops may also be successfully leased in bulk, freeing up funds for other projects.

The ideal approach is to shop around for the best wholesale restaurant supplies lease options, investigating a number of companies and choosing the options that are the most beneficial to you. What services does the company provide, and will they provide maintenance on the equipment? Do they deliver and set up?

Compare the benefits of a lease versus buying new.  When considering wholesale restaurant equipment leasing, you need to tally up the total for the lease over the price of the same piece of equipment purchased new. Buying used is almost always the least expensive route, but then you are buying someone else’s old problems, there are no warranties or maintenance plans, all of which may result in a much larger outlay of money in the long run.

A wholesale restaurant equipment lease is going to have a measure of fine print that must be understood before signing on any dotted line. How long is the lease for, and are there penalties for early termination? Many new restaurants fail within three years, so signing a five year wholesale restaurant equipment leasing agreement may not be wise, at least not at first.

Get ready for the credit check, since a wholesale restaurant supplies lease requires the same credit check as leasing a car or applying for a bank loan. Less than stellar credit may mean that you are looking at higher interest rates or may not be approved at all.

Obviously wholesale restaurant supplies leasing has its benefits. Just take the time to determine your needs and then find a lease arrangement that best meets those needs.