Restaurant Equipment Leasing – Hiring Trends In The Restaurant Industry

Restaurant Equipment Leasing And Hiring Trends

With the US economy still mired in a sluggish recovery, there is one ray of light on the horizon, and it is found within trends becoming defined by the restaurant industry. Reports released in early 2013 have confirmed that restaurants have been adding jobs at nearly twice the rate of the overall US economy.  While the industry has outpaced the economy for nearly 12 years, the numbers in 2012 were significantly improved, with the most annual job growth in more than a decade and a half. The restaurant equipment leasing industry is expected to benefit from these trends, but not as much as the folks who work in these establishments.

Such trends mean opportunity, since the trends are expected to improve throughout 2013, with jobs coming available for servers, managers, and cooks. The three most obvious hiring trends should provide insight into the availability of future opportunities.

1)      Restaurants are hiring tech savvy individuals, with technology becoming a force to be reckoned with in the industry. More restaurant owners are investing in technology to meet consumer demands. This includes smartphone apps, ordering kiosks, and mobile payment options. Candidates who demonstrate a natural aptitude for technological work will invariably rise to the top of the talent pool.

2)      More and more restaurants are also looking to social media channels to facilitate hiring, simply because that is the gathering place in current society. Restaurants use their own Facebook and Twitter accounts to post job opportunities, and workers likewise use the same platforms to seek out opportunities and job openings.  It is encouraged to properly adjust privacy settings on personal channels to filter any content that may present the wrong image.

Restaurant hiring trends are showing marked improvement over other areas of the US economy.

3)      Despite the popular myth, restaurants do not do the majority of their new hiring during holiday seasons, but rather at the beginning of the summer. Applicants are encouraged to submit applications before the end of the school year to get a head start on the rush for job openings at various establishments.  This may mean potentially long term opportunities at popular restaurant chains.

Due to so much job growth within the industry, there may very well be additional hiring trends that crop up over time. For now, polish both your resume and your Facebook account, and then start your job search around Memorial Day. Good luck in your search.

Restaurant Equipment Leasing Solutions

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