Meet Elspeth Polt, LeaseQ Fitness Ambassador

LeaseQ Fitness Ambassador

LeaseQ Fitness Ambassador

LeaseQ loves the fitness industry and we are crazy about Elspeth Polt.  We know you will be too!

Bottom line: You can’t fake caring.  You are either passionate about fitness or you are not. Elspeth is a good friend I have known since high school.  We grew up in Alton Bay, a little New Hampshire town, I think we graduated with 36 students in our class.  Elspeth was a terrific athlete, our whole class would pile into the gym to watch her dominate girls twice her size on the volleyball court. It was not surprising that she grew up to become passionate about fitness and committed to educating and promoting exercise and health.

I asked Elspeth to be an ambassador for LeaseQ.  To help us go beyond just helping Dealers sell more equipment and helping their customers finance equipment but also to help us support this terrific industry and the good work they do for us all.

In the coming months we will be introducing Elspeth to our fitness equipment Dealer and Manufacturing partners and looking for new ways to promote fitness in general.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out and say hi to Elspeth, she is a powerful and positive force in the universe who always has time to make a new friend.

You can find Elspeth at:

More about Elspeth:

In addition to being a LeaseQ Fitness Ambassador, Elspeth is certified ISSA Personal Trainer, AFAA certified group instructor, NPC Bikini Competitor, Fitness Model, and frequent blogger on topics regarding health, fitness and life balance.  Elspeth is a proud USMC spouse and currently resides in Midwestern Ohio.