What Is An Equipment Finance Calculator?

An equipment finance calculator was created to provide you with an estimated lease quote for lease amounts within a certain range. Although it may not apply to all, most leasing companies may require you to contact them for quotes of over a certain amount and for terms of over a certain number of months.

equipment finance calculatorFinancial institutions are holding tightly onto business loans and many businesses are turning towards equipment leasing. An equipment finance calculator is very helpful because it helps businesses determine budgets for the business equipment that they need. Eight out of ten companies in the United States lease equipment because they know it is a good strategy to help them survive uncertain times. The ability to pay-as-you-go as you use equipment can help you manage cash flow to prepare your business for the next boom.

In most cases, lease payments on equipment are fully tax deductible but you should always consult a financial adviser for details. Equipment such as construction trucks, restaurant equipment, computers, medical equipment, etc., may qualify for benefits that you weren’t even aware of. In addition, you can preserve working capital and use it for other business operations. Not only that, but you can also increase your financial flexibility and protect your equipment from obsolescence.

What Is An Equipment Finance Calculator?

As a business owner, you will want to know approximately how much you can expect to pay for an equipment lease. An equipment finance calculator will help give you fast answers to your financial questions. All you have to do is enter the cost of the equipment that you want to finance and analyze the quotes. From there, you can analyze if the lease fits your financial condition, long term goals and priorities.

The equipment finance calculator makes it easier to determine the amount and length of lease that suits you. This is probably one of the reasons why so many business owners find the whole leasing process a little faster, simpler and less costly than other alternatives.

An equipment finance calculator can help you navigate through a number of options. Moreover, you can calculate monthly costs and analyze your business transactions, which is the right step towards preservation of resources.

Are Equipment Finance Calculators Always Accurate?

As a matter of fact, they are not always accurate. This is to mean that they do not give you the bigger picture of how much you are supposed to pay; they are simply estimates. This is why potential lessees are advised that the rates they get from equipment leasing calculators are only estimates and they should avoid leaning too much on these estimates.

Another matter of concern is the fake equipment lease calculators that unscrupulous equipment leasing companies use to lure unsuspecting/naïve prospects. They know that low interest rates are what most business owners are looking for when they are comparing and prioritizing leasing quotes so these unscrupulous leasing companies manipulate or generate inaccurate numbers in order to convince prospects to sign up for a lease. What prospects often miss is the hidden costs and other provisions that more often than not only benefit the lessor.

The disadvantage of leaning on lease rate estimates is that you might end up with a very costly transaction that makes no sense at all unless you want your business to suffer a financial death. Always look at the bigger picture. Would you rather take out a business loan to finance a lease agreement or would you rather get competitive rates that will make you more aware of what your final expenses are likely to be?

What You Should Do

You need to find an equipment leasing company that does not use a leasing calculator on its website. A good example would be LeaseQ. LeaseQ does not use an equipment finance calculator, which provides the perfect opportunity for you to gain an accurate idea of how much your lease will cost you before signing on the dotted line.

Not only that but you can compare leasing to other financing options such as taking out a business loan or direct cash purchases. LeaseQ.com customers have access to competitive leasing rates from real lending companies. The whole process takes less than two minutes and you do not have to worry about your credit score because they only do soft credit pulls.

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