Is It Expensive To Acquire Start Up Studio Equipment?

Making the decision to start a studio can be very exciting even though it entails doing a lot of work. The big question, however, is, how much will start up studio equipment cost you?

start up studio equipment

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If it wasn’t for Thomas Edison, we wouldn’t be able to listen to recorded music today. Thanks to him, the phonograph was accidentally discovered. You can now carry around your songs and music wherever you go and you can play them any time you want.

A while back musicians were at the mercy of big recording studios and labels if they wanted to break into the music business. Having your own start-up studio is cheaper and you can make some money out it when you are not using it to record your own music. Before determining how much it would cost you to acquire start up studio equipment, you need to first have an idea of the type of equipment you need.

Start Up Studio Equipment That You Need

1. Computer Based Recording: Interface And Software

What are your software and interface options? Your recording interface option is a piece of hardware that you connect to your computer and it is used for recording. There are plenty of options and all of them are better than using your computer’s internal microphone.

Just like your interface options, you also have plenty of software options; it all depends on what you can use and what you can afford.

2. Microphones

When learning how to record, there’s one rule you should never break and that is using a good microphone. The better the microphone the more exceptional your recording will sound. You will have to spend a little extra on your microphone if you hope to record the best sound. Of course there are plenty of microphones out there suitable for everyone’s budget; It just depends on what you are comfortable using and your budget.

3. Accessories

It’s very easy to get caught up in buying the greatest and the latest and forget about the basics. You need to remember these accessories as you make your budget:

Pop filter- this is a piece of equipment that prevents unwanted noises from hitting your microphone. For instance, when you stand in front of your microphone and you say the word “seashell” then listen back to it, did the “Sh” and the “S” cause a high pitched hissing sound? A pop filter can easily correct this.
External hard drive- by now you probably know that you need to back up your recordings and documents in another place that’s different from your computer. You need to get as much storage space as possible so consider purchasing a hard disk with a 1 terabyte capacity.
Drum key- if you have a drummer, that’s good for you but don’t forget that they need to re-tune their drums every now and then to prevent drum tracks from sounding dead and hollow. This could translate to hours of wasted time when you could easily use a drum key as you wait for them to tune their drum.
Headphones- when recording your music, it’s generally a good idea to isolate other noises using your headphones. You can even use a click track and prevent it from bleeding into the tape. You can get a good pair of headphones at a relatively cheap price or spend hundreds of dollars.

These are only examples of the types of accessories you need for your start up studio. Other accessories that you might need include adapters, extra microphone stands, audio cables, synthesizer, etc.

How Much Is It To Get All Your Start Up Studio Equipment?

If you combine the total cost of acquiring every single piece of start up studio equipment, it can amount to a lot of money. The good news is that you can get all the equipment at a relatively cheaper price by leasing it. You can lease anything you want starting from computers, editing software, speakers, booms, microphones to professional mixing boards.

Recording equipment has a short technological lifespan so even if you consider purchasing it outright, you might need to upgrade it in a few years and it can be quite costly. You can lessen this cost through leasing because leasing allows you to upgrade your equipment after every few years.

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