How To Choose Commercial Espresso Machines

There are different types of commercial espresso machines so choosing the right one for your coffee shop or espresso bar is crucial.

commercial espresso machinesThere have been many changes in the U.S’s interest in coffee for the past 10 years. The need for real espresso coffee has increased tenfold. For the past twenty or so years, coffee consumers were used to getting their coffee served from a filter coffee machine. These days, most espresso bars wouldn’t consider anything that produces less than satisfactory espresso drinks to the average espresso drinker. There are four types of commercial espresso machines that you can purchase or lease.

Types Of Commercial Espresso Machines

1. Manual Espresso Machines

Also known as the piston machine, it’s very reliable and much simpler to repair. Very few manufacturers still make them because their demand has significantly decreased over the years.

This espresso machine is very popular among those who have customers that prefer their espresso a certain way. You have control over the infusion time which means you can coax the perfect flavor out of the coffee grounds.

The only problem with this machine is that since it is manually operated, it is not an ideal machine to have if your coffee shop has many customers flowing in. They however, can run on propane if it is equipped with a propane kit so you don’t have to worry about your electricity bill going up. If your coffee shop does not have many customers yet, this might be a good option for you because it is cheaper to obtain and maintain.

2. Semiautomatic Espresso Machine

In the semi automatic commercial espresso machines, you have to manually start and stop the pour and it is generally found more in one group machines. The more groups you have on the machine the more difficult it is to operate it and “get the shot right”.

At first it may seem easy to operate but remember that you will most likely be using your hands to warm the scone, add syrup to mocha, and to steam milk all at the same time. It’s not uncommon to get overwhelmed and end up over extracting espresso shots.

You need to be very well trained to operate the semiautomatic espresso machine. The machine works well in a single group and that’s when you are making one drink at a time. One advantage of this machine is that it is relatively cheap.

3. Automatic Espresso Machines

This machine comes with a programmable computer board so you can use it to deliver pre-set amounts of espresso when activated. Many coffee houses choose this machine especially if it is available in four group configurations.

The machine makes it easy to steam milk while it makes the espresso. It guarantees consistency in your drinks and allows you more productivity. The machine also gives you a competitive advantage because it allows you to make custom orders for your customers. Most of them come with five buttons so you can make a long and short double or long and short single.

4. Superautomatic Espresso Machines

These commercial espresso machines grind the coffee, pack it, brew it and then expel the grounds into a dump box. They are much more expensive than the other types and they became popular because they produce a consistent product.

This machine is useful to hotels, restaurants and coffee shops where the main emphasis is on other products. The downside to obtaining this machine is that it requires regular service and maintenance.

Leasing Your Commercial Espresso Machine

The price of the espresso machine can discourage any startup or restaurant that wants to serve espresso based coffee to its customers from obtaining it. You need to have the best machine in order to produce a consistent product that your customers will like which is why you should consider leasing.

Leasing gives you the chance to obtain the best espresso machine at a relatively lower cost. Many equipment lease agreements include servicing and maintenance as part of their program so you can lease the superautomatic espresso machine without worrying about maintenance costs.

Through leasing, you can upgrade your commercial espresso machines at the end of your lease at no extra cost. You can even add more espresso machines if the number of customers you receive starts to increase.

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