What Are The Different Types Of Commercial Printers?

All types of commercial printers are essential for different types of industries and choosing the right type that suits your company depends on how knowledgeable you are.

types of commercial printersCommercial printers generally make it easy to reproduce and print illustrations. There are different types of commercial printers suitable for every industry. You can choose a printer based on the specific type of paper you are using or based on the purpose of the printer. The following are the different types of printers available in the market today.

Different Types Of Commercial Printers

1. Laser Printers

This is one of the most basic types of commercial printers and is popularly used for mass printing purposes. If your business focuses on printing menus, brochures, flyers and other handouts that require plain text only, then laser printers are suitable for you.

You can also use commercial laser printers for producing presentation documents such outlines for business or company profiles, which you may need to present to your clients anywhere, anytime.

2. Professional Inkjet Printers

Some professional inkjet printers are designed for professional use only and they come in a wide array of products. Corporate inkjet printers, for instance, are perfect for printing colored illustrations of presentations and reports. Graphic printers on the other hand are excellent for printing out graphic presentations such as logos and symbols.

There are also other professional photo printers that professional photographers use to print high quality pictures. These inkjet printers take a much longer time to print as compared to the basic office inkjet printers but they have very high resolutions and technology features which make them a perfect choice for professional use. Most of them are relatively much pricier than regular inkjet printers.

3. Wide Format Printers

Wide format printers produce excellent large scale print media like banners, posters, tarpaulins and other posted advertisements. You can find many wide format printers in the market but some of them don’t produce quality images. It is up to you to do your research and find a good model.

The width of the printers varies greatly. For instance, there are printers that are 24”, 44” and 64” wide while others are 19” wide. This again all boils down to what your printing needs are.

4. Garment Printers

If you produce low volume products, then hand printing would be a more practical solution than purchasing a garment printer. If you are printing large amounts of garment, not only can garment printers save you a lot of time and energy, they can also increase your productivity. Garment printers use permanent ink so you can be assured that the graphics printed on your garments will not fade.

5. Labelers And Stamp Printers

These types of commercial printers can be used for a number of printing jobs such as barcodes, labels and other small printouts. Not only are they easy to use but they are also handy. You can purchase them for as low as $30 or as high as $300.

Leasing Commercial Printers

Latest technological advancements have increased the quality of printing equipment. Unfortunately, as the quality rises, so does the price tag. The high prices on these types of commercial printing equipment warrants the need for leasing commercial printers.

It doesn’t matter which types of commercial printers you want for your business, you can get them at a relatively low price through leasing. Legitimate equipment leasing companies understand the need for businesses like yours to acquire the latest printing equipment so they offer a much cheaper solution (as opposed to direct purchases) for you to acquire printing equipment without tying up all your funds.

You don’t have to worry about upgrades because many lease agreements contain provisions that allow lessees to upgrade their equipment at the end of the lease period. If you want to eventually own the equipment at the end of your lease period, you can sign a lease-to-own-agreement. In such an agreement, your monthly lease payments will be considered as a down payment for the equipment. At the end of the lease, you can purchase the equipment at $1.

The process of applying and getting approved for a lease is fairly simple and fast. It typically takes 24 hours to get approval and about 10-15 business days to start using your equipment.

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