Comparing the Options when Leasing vs Buying Fitness Equipment

When it comes to getting gym equipment for your business, should you be leasing vs buying fitness equipment? 

leasing vs buying fitnessThe concept of fitness is huge for so many people because they can release stress, keep in shape, and get to join a community enjoying the concept of keeping fit. Working out is one of the best ways to enjoy your free time while getting yourself to feeling more healthy, more invigorated, and stronger overall.

Many become so proficient in the concept of fitness that they get jobs in various fields involving eating healthy while keeping you in shape. Plus, some fitness experts will even try to start their own gym to build a fitness community.

That way, they can not only enjoy fitness as a career, but they can build a career, make a profit, and step up as far as their level of experience. Owning your own fitness center can be a great business as long as you retain enough members to make a profit and draw in more people over time; however, making a profit can be tough, especially initially.

It takes time to build up that customer base, but if you can’t even start up your business because of expenses than how can you be successful? Making decisions like where your gym should be located and leasing vs buying fitness equipment can help you get the best start possible financially and build a well running fitness center.

Setting up your Fitness Center

There are quite a few factors to starting your gym, from employees to licensing and bills and such, but the two big ones are location and equipment. As far as location, you need to do your best to pick a location that’s easily accessible, noticeable, and is oftentimes busy.

The ideal location is normally a plaza or mall of some kind just because there are so many businesses around you get a lot of eyes on your business, but those are quite expensive locations to pick up. An alternative would be to simply purchase a location near neighborhoods but still in an area where people go often, like near hardware stores or grocery stores or gas stations or such.

These types of businesses will normally put themselves near roads that get a lot of traffic, and you should do the same so you can get more people driving by your business. Whether they’re going to work or going to run an errand, someone driving by and noticing your gym is a good thing, even if they’re not going to attend your gym.

The important thing is that you plant the idea in people’s brains that your gym is nearby and available; that way, when someone decides they want to attend the gym, yours is the first one they look at.

Equipment need in a Fitness Center

Of course, your gym needs to be well stocked in equipment, or else people will attend your gym and, if dissatisfied, find a better fitness center to go to. This means your gym has to appeal to the variety; in other words, you need to have quantity and quality in your equipment setup.

Some people will go to the gym to lift weights, others to do cardio, and some to take yoga, aerobics, or other classes. There are many ways to work out, and you need to be able to meet the needs of as many people as possible with your fitness center.

It’s also important that you have good equipment to work with and enough that your gym is useable for the average person, no matter what the time of day is. If you don’t have enough yoga classes at different times, people may not want to go to your gym; or if you only have a few benches and they’re always being used.

No matter how convenient a location, dedicated people in fitness will do a long drive just to attend a good gym, which is why examining the cases of leasing vs buying fitness equipment is so important.

Leasing vs Buying Fitness Equipment

There’s no question that you need quite a bit of equipment in order to run your fitness center, but how are you going to get it? Not only is the hardware extremely expensive, but gym equipment needs to be repaired over time, and you need a system in place to handle that.

With purchasing, you do get the benefit of claiming the hardware as an asset, but there’s no system in place to handle your equipment if you need to repair it. Plus, if you can’t afford the equipment, the only other option is to get a loan and buy the equipment, and an interest rate can be fairly detrimental to your business over time, especially an interest rate on a loan that big.

The alternative is leasing, where you get to pay a low flat monthly rate for the hardware over the contract period. Having all of that equipment for a low rate is extremely convenient, especially when you can get your hardware repaired and upgraded depending on the lease you want.

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