Comparing the Interest on Computer Equipment Leasing and Loaning

When it comes to getting computer equipment for your business, how does the interest on computer equipment factor in?

interest on computer equipmentIt’s no secret that just about every business relies on at least one computer to complete various tasks. In fact, it’s just about a guarantee that every home across the country has at least one computer or easy access to one.

Computer technology has become common enough to be a household item and has the ability to improve a business or become a liability, and that all depends on the computer you get. Of course, this also depends on your computer need, because some businesses need better computers than others.

For example, a restaurant might only have one computer to keep track of their seating, or a gym might have a computer to store all of their data. However, an I.T. business will need computers for every worker, and they want every piece of hardware to be as top-notch as possible.

Getting this excellent equipment can be another matter entirely, especially considering the amount of money it will cost. Businesses will often take alternatives to getting their equipment by either buying their equipment with a loan or getting a lease on the equipment.

Depending on the circumstances and equipment need your business has, how should you acquire your equipment? And does the interest on computer equipment come into play when it comes to getting a lease or getting a loan?

 Purchasing your Own Computer

Many business owners can and will purchase their equipment for their business, especially computer equipment, because they can handle the long term repercussions.

Think about purchasing a computer for your own home and the entire process you continuously go through. You purchase a computer, use it for whatever you need it for, and, in 2 to 5 years, it’s going to break down.

It’ll start losing its quality and at some point crash completely, and at that point you dish out the few hundred dollars it costs to get another computer, whether it’s a laptop or a desktop. With a home, this is an easy thing to deal with, because your computer is constantly used and is easy to replace with just one payment every few years.

With a businesses, this can be another matter entirely, because not only would you need quality in your computers (meaning you have to replace them the second they start giving you trouble), but you also need quantity.

Interest on Computer Equipment Paid for with Loans

It’s one thing to pay to purchase one or two computers, it’s quite another to pay for ten or more and then pay again to replace them within the next few years.

However, purchasing can be helpful in some circumstances, mainly because you get to claim any equipment you buy as a business asset and get some funding for it. There is a point where a loan can be helpful, but it always depends on how much you’re loaning.

Even if you have good credit and only have to pay fairly low interest on computer equipment, it’s still a small percentage of the amount you loan out. Hypothetically, if your loan interest rate was 1% a year, and you only loaned $5,000, paying the few hundred bucks interest along with the $5,000 really is no issue.

If you paid it off in three years, that’s only another $150 you’d have to handle. However, if you needed to loan more, like $50,000, three years means $1,500, and that’s quite a bit of money for a starting business.

Is there Interest on Computer Equipment Leasing?

Many business owners will take out a lease to get any and all capital equipment they need to save them on finances while allowing them to not fall into debt. With a lease, you pay a low monthly rate, which is much easier to handle generally versus a high down payment to get the equipment you need.

You can easily allocate other funds elsewhere while still paying for the usage of the equipment. In addition, there is no interest on computer equipment leasing; the rate is flat, meaning you pay the same amount pre-determined throughout the entire lease.

Plus, leasing gives you the advantage of getting equipment repaired and upgraded as needed without having to pay the full cost for the equipment. If you want quite a few computers and they break down after a couple years, the leasing company can take care of the issues for you quickly and easily.

Plus, many businesses offer you upgrade deals on computer equipment, meaning every few years you can get the best new technology available in the computer field.

While purchasing can be done with smaller quantities of equipment, leasing can provide you advantages no matter how much equipment you need. To learn more about the interest on computer equipment, click here.