What Equipment do you need to start a Bakery and how can you Acquire It?

When it comes to building your own business, what equipment do you need to start a bakery? How can you get the hardware in a cost-effective way?

what equipment do you need to start a bakeryBakeries are some of the best businesses because, depending on the skill of the baker and location, they can bring themselves in quite a few steady customers. Running a bakery can be like art, because you, the business owner, are offering a unique type of recipe people cannot get anywhere else.

Your baker may make muffins in such ways that customer wants only your food for breakfast, or you might offer other delicacies like wedding cakes and such that people are willing to pay quite a bit for.

There are quite a few factors to running your own bakery like any other business, especially considering you have to have skills in not only baking and making the food but also financial management.

With so many expenses to deal with and only one real form of capital, business owners need to learn how to make ends meet while making a profit themselves, no matter what type of business they are running.

To that end, company owners not only need to know what equipment do you need to start a bakery, but a way to get that equipment without overspending.

What Equipment do you need to Start a Bakery?

When it comes to determining what equipment do you need to start a bakery, the importance is not only in quality of the equipment but quantity as well. For instance, your business is going to need some sort of oven system, but you need enough ovens or one oven good enough to handle all of the different services you want to offer.

For instance, ovens can have different sized decks to hold multiple rows, or some ovens have small or double convection to hold a certain amount of pans. Plus, double convection can cook at different temperatures, which may be more convenient than getting two ovens.

You also need proof boxes for bread to rise in, and depending on the amount of service your business gets you may need quite a few boxes. You’ll also need some standard cooking equipment like a sink, refrigerator, and freezers.

That’s usually the more expensive equipment, there is quite a bit of smaller equipment bakeries need to get that tends to add up, like baking sheets, racks to store everything, mixers, scales, decorating tools, utensils, mitts, and more.

How can you get Bakery Equipment?

There are two common ways to get your equipment: through purchasing or through leasing. Most business owners want to purchase, but with some of that more expensive equipment on your list, it’s tough to afford it.

When your business is just starting, you are incredibly limited on how much you can spend because your business is not earning and you rely solely on capital to make your purchases. There are ways to purchase equipment that you don’t have the funds for, mainly through bank loans, but these loans are tough to manage.

Not only do you need to know what equipment do you need to start a bakery, but you need a good way to get it, and that’s what an equipment lease is for. Through leasing, business owners pay a flat monthly rate to get equipment loaned out to them.

This rate is much easier to manage versus paying for those expensive, effective ovens and other equipment up-front, and there are quite a few other financial benefits to leasing as well. Equipment leases also have the ability to get your hardware repaired without you having to worry about paying to replace the equipment.

Leasing also means you get tax benefits, and depending on the Section 179 they can benefit you in different ways. Still, most tax benefits in equipment leases essentially put money in your pocket every year come tax time.

At the end of an equipment lease, you can even renew the lease with upgraded equipment or purchase it at a haggled rate, making life much easier for you. To learn more about what equipment do you need to start a bakery, click here.