LeaseQ: “Boston’s Next Fintech Rising Star”

Pro Tip


In Massachusetts, the financial services industry is making a big impact on the growing local economy.

A recent Boston Globe article, “The Coming Boom in Boston FinTech Sector,” by Robert Reynolds and Clayton Deutsch reports that the financial services industry is something to pay attention to. Also, the sector accounts for 9 percent of the state’s GDP and is growing as a leader in technology.

“Employment in financial services has rebounded from the dark days of 2008 and 2009, and the sector stands to benefit disproportionally from the massive multitrillion-dollar growth of global investment assets over the next 10 years. There will be a strong need for fresh talent, but with an important caveat: The jobs most rapidly evolving are those in which technology is increasingly embedded in processes and products,” Reynolds and Deutsch.

As if we weren’t excited enough about the booming FinTech Industry, last week, BostonInno’s piece, “1st Look: Boston’s Next Fintech Rising Star, LeaseQ,” put us over the edge!

Our CEO and co-founder, Vernon Tirey sat down with National Tech Editor, Kyle Alspach to share LeaseQ’s story. Alspach effortlessly explains what LeaseQ does, why it works, and how it’s disrupting the FinTech Industry. LeaseQ is on the rise and is worth paying attention to.

“So here’s a case of one of those “not very sexy but could become huge” sorts of startups that Boston excels at,” Alspach.

We love this article! However, we think LeaseQ is very sexy…but hey, were biased.

Make sure to check out the article here.