What do Equipment Finance and the Budweiser Clydesdales have in common?

A Quora Q&A thread recently caught our attention here at LeaseQ. An Indian citizen staying in the United States stated his fascination with the fact the Americans are willing to spend $30,000-$50,000 on a humble pickup trucks “when they can get a BMW or a Mercedes.” The result was a 35-response chorus from impassioned pickup truck enthusiasts.  Thomas Johnson put it succinctly: “As a truck owner, I can tell you that trucks (pick-ups) are consistent with the American lifestyle in ways that the typical Mercedes isn’t.”

Shava Nerad made her point visually:

Both Thomas and Shava are absolutely correct. America has smiled, laughed and dealt with tragedy alongside the Budweiser Clydesdales every super bowl season for years. The utilitarian workhorse breeds pride into the American culture and the pickup truck is the most iconic modern workhorse. It carries our chopped wood, drum sets, and college move-in items; it doubles as a bench at baseball games and can even be converted into a pool for hot Sunday tailgating parties.

However, there is a lesser known, but equally important, American cultural cornerstone that has been acting in the background since before the country was even founded, heavy equipment leasing:

“Leases of horses, teams of horses, buggies, and wagons by livery men, or livery stables, began in the 1700s, but more significant leasing in the United States had its beginnings in the 1870s with the leasing of barges, railroad cars, and locomotives under equipment trust certificates.”

Here at LeaseQ we are dedicated to this lesser known American culture of heavy equipment financing (leasing). We will leave pick-up trucks to the experts like Ford, Dodge, and GMC; but when it comes to workhorses such as tractor-trailers, construction equipment, and delivery vehicles LeaseQ makes it fast and easy for the everyday American to get his or her hands on the workhorse that makes their companies succeed.

By leasing heavy equipment Americans can expand their businesses without being restricted by the high cost of equipment. When one trades the upfront cost of a $50,000 tractor-trailer, excavator, or log loader for low monthly payments, the American dream of building a small business becomes accessible to everyone. Here at LeaseQ we pride ourselves on not only offering equipment financing  (leasing), but also on offering every customer the freedom of choice to choose the equipment financer that best suits his or her needs. LeaseQ is built on the same structure that made American emerge, the marketplace. At LeaseQ.com one does not only see one financing option, but gains access to our database of over 60 lenders, compared by instant quotes, and handled by a dedicated team.

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