#Behind your Business: What goes into a cupcake?

It’s more than yummy ingredients, it’s the equipment essential to creating these tasty treats.


What goes into a cupcake? It takes more than just yummy ingredients. The recipe for success includes a blender for mixing, an oven for baking, a refrigerator for chilling, a case for displaying to customers and more. Equipment is necessary for business, whether it’s a restaurant, brewery, fitness center, doctor’s office, construction firm, transportation company or bakery, and when it comes to financing that equipment LeaseQ aims to be with borrowers every step of the way.

The fun part of our job is really about helping companies grow. We love learning about the variety of businesses and the unique types of equipment being financed. In a single day, it’s not uncommon to play a role in financing a $50,000 dump truck, an $180,000 x-ray machine, a $15,000 oven, a $50,000 digital camera, an $8,000 car tire rotator, and several treadmills for a local gym. We hear the stories of struggle and success from our customers, and we get to help our nation’s small businesses contribute to the economy.

Over the coming months we will be featuring our “Behind Your Business” campaign here on the LeaseQ blog. Each post will detail the equipment that goes into some of our favorite small business success stories – in this case, a cupcake at a local café. Follow along with us on Twitter @LeaseQ and with the #BehindYourBusiness hashtag.

To learn more about LeaseQ’s vision on “What Goes Into a Cupcake,” read this Small Business Daily article: http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/8566-leaseq-snapshot.html