#BehindYourBusiness: What goes into movie theater concessions

Here at LeaseQ we have been buzzing with excitement about “X-Men: Apocalypse” due out in theaters today. Are you planning to see it over the holiday weekend? If so, you will probably enjoy the movie while snacking on some delicious, yet overpriced concessions. This got us thinking about all of the equipment necessary to produce movie theater snacks.


pexels-photo-57043To provide moviegoers with the concessions they crave, movie theaters of all sizes must have the necessary equipment. It’s imperative to have a popcorn machine, popcorn butter warmer, soda machine, slushie machine, hot dog warmer, warm pretzel case, nacho cheese warmer, display cases for candy, cash register, refrigerator, freezer and much more!


Customers may not notice it, but behind the counter is a plethora of equipment that keeps concessions running smoothly. The movie theater experience would not be the same without all of this equipment used to produce a steady stream of snacks – from the matinee to the midnight showing.


Now that you know all of the equipment that goes into movie theater concessions, we hope you enjoy them that much more!