Spotlight on Carol M. Highsmith Photography

This week, we wanted to shine a spotlight on an incredibly talented borrower – Library of Congress’ photographer Carol M. Highsmith. Her compelling photography and career path provides an inspirational story. Three of Carol’s original pieces of photography are featured below – simply stunning. Enjoy!

Carol M. Highsmith, the owner of Carol M. Highsmith Photography, who is visually documenting early 21st century America for the Library of Congress, was three weeks away from a high-profile job in Texas. She thought she had the latest equipment for the job but when the camera company she used for years suddenly released a new model – ideal for her shoot – she was delighted yet worried. Like most business owners, Highsmith was on a budget and wondered how she would ever get the equipment ordered, delivered and financed in time for her next big job. Traditional equipment financing alone can take several weeks and come with numerous fees. She simply couldn’t afford to wait.

carol 4

Highsmith was researching alternative financing options when she found LeaseQ. She told LeaseQ what equipment she needed and from which equipment sellers, filled out a simple, one-page application and received instant quotes from lenders who would finance the equipment. Highsmith also got a call from her personal LeaseQ funding representative, Paul, to walk her through the process and answer her questions.


“When I found LeaseQ I thought, ‘Well, I’ll bite the bullet and try it,’ and they kind of saved my life,” Highsmith said. “My rep is outstanding. I photograph throughout America and donate my work to the nation and world, but grants that support this are my livelihood. I have to be the best and work with the very best equipment. Paul understands that complexity. He considered every single detail of my business to find the perfect lender for my needs.”


carol 2Highsmith chose Crestmark as her funding source and immediately submitted her application. Within three weeks, the deal was complete.

“Before LeaseQ, I had lots of finance companies calling me with quotes, but I wasn’t satisfied,” Highsmith said. “I chose LeaseQ because its platform and equipment finance expert, Paul, found me the best equipment lease option available and on my terms.”


carol 3Partnering with LeaseQ proved to be a great decision for Highsmith. Her trip to Texas produced more than 5,000 new images of the Lone Star State for the Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Collection. The success of her trip and the cash she saved through financing helped fund three more shoots in West Virginia, Colorado and Wyoming.


“Some people get to places, have a moment and don’t have the right equipment with them. They hang their head and say ‘what a shame I’m here and can’t take this image properly,’” Highsmith said. “The great thing about LeaseQ and leasing is that I never have to worry about my equipment. Having the latest equipment allows me to stay at the top of my craft. In the end, it’s not about me, it’s about the people and places I photograph. It’s a visual record of America today, for the ages.”