Restaurants Need the Right Equipment to Succeed

This fall, our VP Cory Damm’s was featured in an article by the leading source of news and information about the restaurant industry, QSR magazine.

The article titled, “Equipped to Succeed,” discusses the importance of quality equipment for the success and longevity of a restaurant. Cory provides tangible advice on restaurant equipment and details stories of prosperous restaurants he has worked alongside.

One anecdote from Cory in the article is:

For a full equipment package, new restaurant operators can expect to pay an average of $200,000–$400,000, Damm says. A kiosk may run about $50,000, while a full standalone burger restaurant could be as much as $500,000. Within those numbers, the costs for individual appliances can vary widely, from a few thousand dollars to $100,000.

The numbers are big, but Damm says operators shouldn’t think twice about making the necessary investment. He shares the story of a restaurateur who opted to save some cash on a smaller fryer, and then, when he was able to upgrade, had to rehab 60 percent of his kitchen to fit the right-sized fryer in. “Don’t let your cash constraints limit you from success,” Damm says. “Ask yourself: What do I need to get the job done the right way and plan for success, not mediocrity?”

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