Blockchain Tracker: Back To Basics

This week, our CEO Vernon Tirey’s expert commentary was included in a feature article from PYMNTS on blockchain technology.

The article titled, “Blockchain Tracker: Back to Basics” details the emerging technology and the impact it has and will continue to have on the financial industry. Vernon addresses the impact of blockchain on the $1 trillion equipment financing market.

One piece of commentary from Vernon included in the article is as follows:

Blockchain is huge for financial industries that deal with multi-party transactions. For example, tucked in the corner of finance and FinTech is the $1 trillion industry of equipment financing, quietly handling three-party transactions between small business borrowers, equipment dealers and finance companies every day. Nothing happens unless all three parties are taken care of, and having a tamperproof network in place to authenticate each transaction will have a significant impact on efficiency, not to mention the bottom line.

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