Evolving with Managed Services

Vernon Tirey, founder and CEO of LeaseQ, was recently featured in a MonitorDaily article on the evolution of managed services or “servitization”. In the article, Vernon provides commentary on the impact of managed services on each asset class and the equipment financing industry now and in the future:

Tirey calls servitization the “third big technology wave” to transform business. “We’re moving from a product-driven environment to an information-driven environment to a knowledge-driven environment. We have the ability to put sensors on everything, compute that data in the cloud at a very low cost and turn that information into knowledge. I know not only how many miles a truck went, but I know if they were stop and go miles or big long stretches of highway. This knowledge gives us the ability to dream up new and better ways of serving customers.”

To read the rest of Vernon’s compelling insight in this MonitorDaily article, please visit: http://bit.ly/2ytOnIt