#BehindYourBusiness: What goes into a HoneyBaked Ham?

As we enter the holiday season, it’s time to start planning meals for festivities with friends and family. A longtime favorite, HoneyBaked Ham, is popular this time of year and will be served on many tables across the country. This installment of #BehindYourBusiness focuses on the equipment behind a HoneyBaked Ham; as without equipment we couldn’t enjoy this holiday staple year after year.

To produce HoneyBaked Hams, a wide variety of equipment must be utilized. Food processing equipment is a top priority with pieces like cutters, conveyer belts, refrigerators and industrial grade ovens necessary to create the final product. In addition, these facilities will require the correct type of shelving, scales, carts and more. Without this equipment, it wouldn’t be possible for HoneyBaked Hams to make it on the shelves of your local grocery store.

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