LeaseQ Dealer Spotlight: Terry Freeman, President, Complete LED

Dealer spotlight is a monthly blog series showcasing some of LeaseQ’s best vendor partners. These equipment sales representatives are among the top in the industry, and LeaseQ is pleased to share their stories.

  • Tell us about yourself and Complete LED
  • Myself and my business partners, LeeAnn Freeman and Ryan Freeman, started Complete LED three years ago. Complete LED is a full-service, value added commercial LED retrofit and wholesale company that offers quality LED products with industry leading efficacies. Our LED upgrade projects have verifiable savings as well as 100% financing through LeaseQ, complete project management, rebate submittal, tax benefit service and a one-year case study. Our mission is to provide a first-class LED lighting upgrade experience that is hands off for the owners and includes every possible benefit for the best ROI.
  • Why did you partner with LeaseQ, and when did you first engage?
  • I worked with Noesis, a LeaseQ company, during my time at Titan LED so it was a natural fit to engage with LeaseQ when my partners and I started Complete LED. It’s not possible to operate in this industry without equipment financing due to the high up-front cost of an LED upgrade. We’ve been partnered with LeaseQ since the first day we opened our doors.

What was equipment financing like before your partnership?

  • LeaseQ has been with us since we started Complete LED, so there was never a time that we operated without it. It’s an integral part of our business to offer fast, easy equipment financing to eliminate all budget or cash issues and close more deals.

How will this partnership benefit your customers?

  • Offering equipment financing options to our customers is a huge benefit because it allows our customers to pay for the upgrade with savings. Most projects are either cash flow positive or neutral during the finance term. As well, customers receive the benefit of no maintenance from day one of the LED upgrade.

 What do you like most about working with LeaseQ?

  • We love that LeaseQ is very responsive and easy to work with. They utilize technology well and that is a direct benefit to our business.
  • Why is automation (instant quotes, same day financing) important in equipment financing?
  • Automation is important in equipment financing because it makes everything easier. Why make it harder than it needs to be? Our customers are technologically savvy so it is important for us to partner with a financing source that is too. LeaseQ offers that.

 What other challenges are facing your industry?

  • We aren’t seeing any significant challenges currently except how rapidly the tech landscape is changing. It’s a very exciting time for the LED lighting industry not only for the growth but new technologies in controls that include VLC (visual light communication), Bluetooth mesh enabled light fixtures and even “power over light” offer incredible promise for ‘’smart” building and cities.