LeaseQ Dealer Spotlight: Damon Thomas, Commercial Service Senior Account Representative, Carrier

Tell us about yourself and Carrier.

Carrier is a world leader in high-tech heating, air conditioning and refrigeration solutions. I have been with the company for 23 years, based out of Jacksonville, Florida. I started as a Technician before moving to a supervisor role for nine years, then continuing onto sales for the past 13 years. I am now the Customer Service Manager and National Sales for the state of Florida.

Why did you partner with LeaseQ, and when did you first engage?

Carrier began working with LeaseQ in the late fall of 2017, when a customer in our Florida market, Daytona Lagoon, needed financing assistance. Daytona Lagoon is a large-scale water park in Daytona Beach. After a difficult hurricane season, Daytona Lagoon was faced with several building and equipment problems, but did not have the capital to handle in a timely manner – or so they thought. When we introduced them to LeaseQ and the lease-to-own option, we were able to expedite the process for them and get them updated, more energy efficient air handlers and total building controls as well as an energy saving option.

What was equipment financing like before your partnership?

Prior to working with LeaseQ for Daytona Lagoon, we rarely used equipment financing options, but we are excited to see the doors that it will open for future customers.

How will this partnership benefit your customers?

Working with LeaseQ allows us to help our customers get access to updated equipment quicker than ever before. Rather than attempting to make payments in one lump sum by using cash, their most valuable resource, our customers can now use equipment financing with LeaseQ to spread that investment out over the course of several years. With equipment financing, their equipment needs are more attainable, they can conserve cash, and potentially realize tax benefits.

What do you like most about working with LeaseQ?

It has been a pleasure to work with our representatives at LeaseQ, as they have always been extremely responsive and are always willing to help. Beyond just assisting Daytona Lagoon in establishing their payment terms, they have helped us internally understand the entire process of equipment financing.

What other challenges are facing your industry?

The property managers and building owners that we work with are often apprehensive when it comes to financing, but the lease-to-own process gives them more comfort and opens their eyes to the options that are right for them.