Helpful Medical Equipment For Caregivers

medical-equipment-for-caregiverMedical Equipment Requirements

When it comes to medical provision for seniors and those with special needs, there are a number of helpful devices on the market, and it can at times be intimidating to try and choose which one is the most effective.  There are certain devices however that are designed to make life easier for caregivers and the loved ones they are charged with providing for.

Swivel Utensils for Easier Eating. Some conditions such as Parkinsons Disease and Multiple Sclerosis may cause hand tremors, which may make eating difficult, if not impossible. Tremors may also be one of the side effects for some medications. Once eating becomes a chore, it may also become embarrassing for an adult trying to feed themselves and failing.  Swivel Utensils are designed specifically for people with hand tremors, with thick, sturdy handles that are easily gripped even by those with weakened hand strength.  The swiveling motion means that no matter the position the hand is in, the utensil will always remain level. This allows the user to eat more easily and without the embarrassment of dropping or spilling their food.

With age comes the difficulty of reading prescription bottles, which can be an actively dangerous scenario, since mixing the wrong medications may result in illness or even death.  The new MagRX is a magnifier that clips to medication bottles and makes it easier for them to read prescriptions.  It can slide up and down around the bottle to allow all print to be read easily. It can also be transferred from bottle to bottle very quickly.  This frees caregivers from the task of having to read prescriptions and allows the user to retain the dignity of being able to do for themselves.

For older adults on regular scheduled medication , it is important that no doses be missed, for any reason.  An Automatic Medication Dispenser holds up to 28 doses (four per day, for one week). It is lockable, which prevents double dosing.  At scheduled times, the unit beeps to remind your loved ones that their medication is due. Some units may flash as well as beep for those who are hard of hearing.

Medical Equipment Designed For Easy Use

The MedReady Plus comes with a phone modem that is designed to be plugged into a phone jack, monitoring the time the unit dispenses medication and posts it to a website so that the caregiver know when meds were taken. If the meds were not properly taken then it makes contact with up to three emergency numbers.

Blood glucose monitors are another important piece of gear for caregivers, keeping a careful tab on the levels  and actually talks your loved one through the process, telling them when to apply the blood to the testing strip.  It is available in English and Spanish, and allows users to provide for their monitoring needs without external assistance.

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