Nine Steps To Improve Your Energy Levels

Okay, many of us have those days where our get up and go got up and went, and we find that as we get older our energy levels are not what they were when we were in our 20s. In fact, many of us would go to great lengths to get that energy back again. Well, you don’t have to go to great lengths, just take a few common sense suggestions and start feeling better.

1)      Get Rid Of The Strict Schedule. So many of us have things we have to do every day, and we tend to get stressed if something isn’t working out. Don’t be afraid to change things up as you need to in order to keep the day fresh. Come back to the problem later when you have fresh eyes.

2)      Sleep In The Dark. Light interferes with you getting a good night’s sleep, so make sure your lights are out to make sure you get a full sleep cycle. You will be surprised at how much difference a good night’s sleep makes the next day.

3)      Improve The Diet With Brain Food. About half of the brain’s weight is pure fat, used as insulation. The better insulated the cells are, the better your thinking and reactions will be. Eat foods with a healthy mix of fat such as fish and leafy green veggies.

4)      Stretch It Out. Stretching keeps you muscles and tendons in a healthy state, as well as keeping the arteries in the brain wide open. A free flow of oxygenated blood is essential to your well being.

5)       Take a Vacation.  You need something to look forward to in order to increase vitality over a long stretch.  Vacations provide a much needed break as well as the chance to plan towards something you enjoy.

increase energy levels

6)      Shut up. Try to spend at least one day per month in solitude, and preferably in silence. The voices in our head never really get quiet, and if we can train them to take a day off occasionally, it will do wonders for your overall perspective and ability to produce results.

7)      Try Larger Midday Meals. Your digestion is more active during the day, allowing it to better process what is eaten and use the energy more effectively.  Your body slows down at night and digestion will not be as efficient.

8)       Get In The Habit Of Saying Thank You. Gratitude makes for good, positive energy. Before retiring for the evening, make it a habit to say thank you out loud for all the positive experiences you had that day, the people you encountered, the events that transpired. You don’t even have to be a religious person for this to have a positive effect, and the increases to your productivity will be astounding.

9)      20 Minutes of Cardio 4 Times A Week. Getting a good cardio workout will improve the body’s ability to get oxygen to your cells, lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol, and decreasing body fat. This is positively necessary for improving performance and function for anybody.

As you can see, none of this is exactly earth shattering. Follow a few simple rules and you will be in the best state of your life.

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