Fitness Tips For Those Who Hate Exercise

The Bane Of Exercise

I don’t like exercise. I really don’t. I can’t think of anything more boring. That being said, I also fully recognize the need for staying in shape, especially as I get older. However, exercise is good for you, there is no discussion on this one, and it can often have a pronounced effect on your life and sense of well being.  Here are a few tips to get your day cranking.

1)      Don’t be put off by the idea of an exercise routine. All you have to do is get your body moving each day. Once you get your muscles toned up, then you may find yourself wanting to push yourself to more challenging goals.  Fitness can be addictive.

2)      Readjust how you look at exercise. Look at it as a gift that you are giving yourself as opposed to something that you must do each day.

3)      Make your exercise program something that you enjoy. We all participate more often and more enthusiastically in those things that we actually enjoy.

4)      Make it convenient. Schedule your workout for a time during the day that you feel the most energetic, and have your gym bag packed and ready to go.

5)      Make your exercise weather proof.  If you are walking or running outside, make sure you have the proper workout gear for inclement weather. Nothing can torpedo your fitness goals quite like canceling them due to Mother Nature.

Fitness doesn’t have to be something you endure. By starting out small, it can be a rewarding endeavor.

6)      Make sure you are doing it right. People quite exercise all the time due to injury or pain, so it is a good idea to consult with your doctor before embarking on any type of fitness regimen. Trainers at the gym can also give excellent pointers when starting a new exercise or trying out a new piece of equipment.

7)      If you aren’t feeling well on a given day, or if your energy level just isn’t quite there, limit yourself to about ten minutes of working out. This gets you moving, and you may find that you actually do have the strength to finish what you started.

8)      Make it a social thing. Camaraderie does wonders for your motivation, so get with some like minded people to pursue fitness goals.

9)      Keep a journal of your workout activities. Don’t hesitate to refer back to it any time that you don’t want to get started. Sometimes a gentle reminder of how you felt can be all the oomph you need.

10)   Start out small. Set small goals for yourself, and then gradually build on them over time. You do not have to run a marathon the first day. This will be a great confidence booster as well.

11)   Recognize that some days you may just not be in the mood for exercise. Some will be a struggle, and this may be due to any number of factors. Understand that there will be fluctuations, and make it a point to exercise anyway.

12)   Be good to yourself. Take a day off once a week. If you skip more than a couple in a row, don’t beat yourself up over it, but make every effort to get back in the game. The less you skip, the less likely you will be to abandon the workout goals altogether.

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