Getting Out Of A Fitness Slump

Finding Fitness Motivation

Okay, it’s hard enough to get into a fitness routine that works, that is productive, and that you are able to get some momentum behind and keep moving, but try as we might, we all have slumps. We have those periods in our lives where it is well nigh impossible to keep going with the same zeal and enthusiasm that we once enjoyed. So what do we do when that slump occurs in our fitness regimen?

Perhaps You Just Don’t Enjoy Your Workouts Any More. You’ve gotten bored with the notion. Doing the same thing day in and day out will do that to you. It’s time to spice things up a bit, even if it means designing a whole new exercise routine. Or it may be as simple as altering the running course that you are used to every day. Make the change necessary to keep your fitness routine exciting and challenging.

Perhaps Your Motivation Has Gone Bye Bye. You have become bored with the process. Motivation falls off especially fast when you are no longer seeing the results that you wanted.  It becomes a matter of boosting intensity to achieve the results you want. Commit yourself to high intensity training and strict dieting for a couple of weeks and see if that doesn’t generate some inspirational results. Getting a good weigh in may be all it takes to get your spark back.

Are You Feeling Fat? It is easy to indulge in self pity even when you have been successful in getting rid of the weight and keeping it off. Stick to your priorities and keep pushing towards those goals. People will not be able to resist admiring your self control and healthy lifestyle.


Somteimes it’s just hard to keep up the pace. Motivation is everything when it comes to fitness. 


You’ve Gotten Complacent. Some people become content with where they are, even if they still have a ways to go to reach the fitness goals they had set for themselves.  Ask yourself how much weight you have lost to date, and how long did it take you to get there? Consider where you might be in a few weeks or months at this rate. Do you really want to stop now? You get out of this what you put into it. You may think you are feeling pretty good now, but consider how awesome it will feel when you hit your dream weight.

Finding The Time For Fitness. There will always be distractions….it’s called life. Whether it is work, family, or other as yet unnamed obligations, you will always be able to find a reason that you can’t commit time to your fitness goals.  This means prioritization, since health isn’t exactly an option. Exercise and reaching your goals helps you to become a better parent, spouse, employees, and friend. Falling off of your exercise goals results in a loss of energy, focus, confidence, stamina, drive, and self control.  Dieting becomes harder, and then at the weigh in, you are completely disillusioned.

It is important to identify those elements that are holding you back from your fitness goals and get the best of them before they get the best of you.

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