Career Advice From Your Fitness Routine

Fitness And Your Career

We all want to get ahead in our careers, which as we all know require strength, drive, focus, and commitment, not unlike your fitness routine. With that in mind, let us examine some other life lessons that you can take from your daily fitness workout into the office with the goal of expanding your career as you tighten your tummy.

1)      Challenge Yourself. If what you are doing is too easy, then there is no challenge and as such, no initiative to grow. Tasks that are too easy will never be mistaken for learning experiences and will only serve to stagnate any progress you have made thus far. Don’t play it safe, stretch your boundaries, even if it is only a little each day. Over time, you will be amazed at how much you’ve grown.

2)      Earn It. Don’t expect instantaneous results. You’re not going to get the prime office or a flat stomach after just a couple of weeks. It is something you have to reach for, stretch for, and work for. You have to keep doing the job and doing it well, knowing that at the end of the road, there is an attractive payoff waiting.  Resist the urge to rush and instead work towards a slow and steady trek toward the goal. Keep doing what you do and doing it well and you will see results, both in the gym and in the cubicle.


Whether in fitness or career, certain goal reaching truths hold true. See what you can take from your fitness regimen and put to work in your job.


3)      Move On. If an exercise plan doesn’t work, then you alter course until you find something that does. Similarly, workplace scenarios are not always ideal matches. If your situation is not conducive to growth or improvement, then move on and find something that is. It is never a bad thing to admit that something just isn’t your cup of tea.

4)      Don’t Look At The Competition. When you expend energy to watch your competition, it takes energy away from you. If the competition is breathing down your neck, it can be frightening and disillusioning.  Stay focused on your goals and what is ahead of you. Keep your head down and dig, dig, dig. Concentrate on being the best possible you that you can be and don’t worry about what the next guy is doing.

5)      Quit Griping. When you complain about something, it just gets harder. In addition, you are prolonging the agony. How you perceive something is almost always how it is going to ultimately work out for you. If you dread going to work, you will not enjoy work. If you don’t want to exercise, you will not enjoy exercise. Learn to enjoy what you do, revel in it, and find those things there that are worth celebrating.

6)      Take A Break. Learn how to work in some downtime to prevent yourself from burning out. This is true not only on the job but in your exercise routine.  Take those breaks that are provided and allow yourself to recharge.

Now go therefore and achieve your goals, over and above the top!

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