Finding The Perfect Caterer

Your Catering Solution

Any event can be enhanced by having the food and drink catered, and more and more restaurants are expanding their business by offering catering services. As with most businesses and services, however, not all providers are created equal, and hiring the wrong caterer could actually have an adverse effect on your event. Fortunately, there are a few common sense steps you can take to choose the right catering service.

Listen to the word of mouth, which will always be a better gauge of quality and talent than any advertising or sales pitch. If somebody you know had a good experience, they will be more than willing to sing that company’s praises to you. By the same token, bad reviews should also be taken seriously.

Have a tasting. Most quality caterers will offer this option in order to allow you to sample their wares. Keep in mind that this sample will be the best quality product the caterers can produce. There is also a difference between a sample for one or two or a meal prepared for five hundred.

Catering is becoming a popular business extension for many restaurants.

Look at what the caterer is good at. Some will specialize in large scale events while others may be more adept at smaller functions. Be aware of any caterer who claims to be able to do it all, because you will in all likelihood receive a mediocre experience at best.

Look at the services you need. Do you only require that the food be delivered, or do you need tables and servers to dish out the food? You want to choose a company that has the resources to handle your needs. Ask if they have their own staff or if they come from a staffing agency.

Ask about the freshness of the food, as some companies cut corners by using frozen products. Fresh is always preferable, so choose a provider that uses fresh food and avoid those that use frozen products.

Check the records of the company with your local health department, and take seriously any violations or complaints that you find. These are usually signs that you should look elsewhere.

Following Through

Get a solid quote for the project. The food for a wedding should be around 50% of the wedding cost, and if you see drastic cuts in price, you can be sure that the quality is going to similarly suffer.

Read the contract thoroughly. Always have a contract in place before hiring your contractor. This protects your interests in case the job is not performed as promised. Only sign the contract after you have read it and thoroughly understand it.

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