Working Your Concessions and Vending Business

A Logical Restaurant Expansion

Any good restaurant owner or manager will understand that if you take the appropriate steps to get your business out there, you will invariably attract more customers. In our last post we looked at the concept of catering, and now we turn our sights to concessions and vending. Anyone who has ever been to a ballgame, festival, concert, or fair has in all likelihood patronized a concession stand, and properly managed, these can be serious sources of income.

Concessions and vending also offers entrepreneurs the chance to begin a self employed business with very little capital. These are mostly cash businesses with less strict licensing requirements. This is a good way to be your own boss and set your own hours, however it is competitive and you will need to start out and stay ahead of the game in order to make a go of it.

Concessions are the latest expansion projects for many restaurant owners.

Decide how big of a business you want and where you will locate that business. Concessions range from hot dog stands to mobile trailers servicing craft fairs and carnivals.  You should determine your menu and keep it simple, focusing on one or two featured items supported by smaller sides and drinks.

Purchase the vending cart or trailer, or if you wish you may rent or even lease the unit. This will be home base of operations for your concessions business.

Obtain the necessary equipment to run the stand. You will need fryers, drink fountains, refrigerators and freezers, a roaster, and warmer….all of which depends on your menu items. Look to restaurant supply companies for what you need and do not overlook the benefits of concessions equipment leasing.

Working The Solution

Obtain the necessary licensing and permits needed to run your stand, and consult with local government and the health department for guidelines and regs concerning your concession business.

Get help. You will need extra hands to help you run your new venture in order for it to succeed. One person simply cannot do it all. You need a break every now and again, and rush or peak business periods will often overwhelm a one man operation.

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