Fitness Equipment Leasing – Tips For Running With Your Dog Part 2

Fitness Equipment Leasing

In our last installment, we looked at the benefits and downsides to running with your pooch. We also came up with enough information that it warranted a second installment. So yet again, before you leash up Spot and take him out to the track, read the following tips from a fitness equipment leasing professional for making sure it is okay for your dog to serve as your running partner, as well as the best possible ways to make it enjoyable for the both of you.

Be aware of the symptoms of overheating.  Dogs do not sweat the way humans do, but rather dissipate heat through panting as well as their paws, Allow them to have access to water; some running tracks actually have pet water stations available, so allow your pet to make use of them. You should also look for cooler trails as the weather heats up in the summer.

Ease the dog into your running regimen. Most of us do not go from lounging on the couch to a five mile marathon, and so it is for your animals. Allow them the time to build up the stamina it takes to stay with you on thee long distance jaunts. Your dig loves to please, so indulge them by allowing them every opportunity to be able to do so.

A fitness equipment leasing provider offers more advice for making your dog a good running partner.

Know your dog’s temperament. Some are very social and do very well with other people, while others may not perform as well and should probably be kept away from other folks, at least for a while. Not every Pit Bull is a mindless eating machine, but most of us probably don’t realize that yours is a sweetheart. Remember not only your dog’s safety and security but also that of the other runners.

Make sure your dog’s vaccinations are up to date.  A nip on the leg can make for quite the headache if vaccinations are out of date or if there is no record of them being up to date. Having verification with you or a collar that shows the shots have all been provided for makes for some much needed peace of mind on the trail.

Scoop the poop. Always take the time to clean up after your pet. Yes, I know it breaks the rhythm you were going for, but it is also very courteous for the other runners and walkers that may come along behind you. Taking a few seconds to clean up makes for a more enjoyable running experience for everybody.

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