Fitness Equipment Leasing – Tips For Running With Your Dog

Fitness Equipment Leasing

When it comes to your fitness regimen, while we are all about fitness equipment leasing, there is nothing quite like running, and better still, running with a partner. If a human running companion cannot be found, many times a dog will more than suffice. They make for great running partners, providing not only companionship but motivation, especially for folks who run in remote areas.  Keep in mind, however, that there are a number of things to consider before taking Fido out for your daily jog.

Get proper medical clearance from the dog’s vet. Much like you would consult your doctor before beginning an exercise program, so should you take your dog in to be checked out and make sure that this is right for them.  This is especially true for pets who lead a largely sedentary lifestyle. Running around the backyard in spurts is much different than running several continuous miles.

Make sure that your dog is a breed that is good for running. Some breeds are prone to physical problems from too much running while others are almost built for it. Runner’s World has a complete list of dog breeds that are suitable running partners, as well as the distance each one can run. Consult the list, and again, your vet.

Dogs are one of the best running partners, but there are a few thing to consider before taking them out for a jog.

Keep the age of your dog in mind. Puppies enjoy running and being rambunctious, but a long distance run may be too much for their growing bodies to handle. Also if the dog is panting excessively or not behaving normally, that may be a clear sign that they are worn out or overheating. Cool them down as soon as possible.

Keep them on a leash. Unleashed dogs can be quite intimidating to other folks, even if they do respond well to voice commands. Some dogs are big enough to cause injury to others even if they are only playing. A leash ensures that you are able to keep the dog under control and off your fellow runners or bystanders.

Your Dog As A Running Partner

Consider the surface you are running on. We have running shoes to insulate us from disagreeable terrain, whereas dogs only have their bare feet. Concrete and debris may be hazards on the road, not to mention the heat coming off of the asphalt and sidewalk during the summer months. If you dog begins to limp, check his paws for any signs of debris or overheating.

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