Gym Equipment Leasing – More Fat Burning Tips: Cardio

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As we said yesterday, fitness and gym equipment leasing options aside, there remains a very real fitness frontier to conquer when it comes to burning fat in the most efficient manner possible. We’ve looked at weight training, now today we turn our attention to cardio.

Cardio workouts have a simple philosophy, burning more calories than you take in, and incorporate 4 to 6 workout sessions averaging between 30 and 60 minutes in duration into the training schedule. Weight training should always be followed by cardio, with the former depleting glycogen stores and the latter burning fat as a food source, the combination makes for a faster and higher caloric burn both during and after the workout.

Treadmills are another recommended cardio option, with jogging at approximately 70% of the maximal heart rate recommended. This burns about 40 grams of fat per hour of exercise, which doesn’t sound like much at first, but it does add up quickly. Stationary bicycles are another excellent cardio workout, as long as the same rules are followed.

You can also benefit yourself by performing cardio workouts before your first big meal of the day. Your body is much more likely to use fat as the first energy source since glycogen stores are depleted, and you can avoid muscle loss by taking about 20 grams of protein before the session and staying away from carbs.

Cardio workouts are an excellent companion piece to weight training, designed to burn fat and calories quickly and efficiently.

Never underestimate the power of the post cardio burn, when your resting metabolic rate remains elevated for anywhere from 1 to 12 hours, depending on the length and intensity of the workout session.  You can also get a good burn from conducting your next run on sand as opposed to a hard surface, since this makes you work harder to accomplish the same effect.

You also want to do your high intensity workout as early as possible, and then taper off as you go, as this will burn significantly more fat. While working out, you want to keep your body from adapting to what you are doing. Do this by changing your cardio modes frequently.

Gym Equipment Leasing Providers

Of course you want to avoid unhealthy habits such as smoking as it deprives the cells of the oxygen that they require to repair themselves following exercise, which of course makes the cardio a lot harder. In addition, smoky clothes will almost certainly offend others at the gym.

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