Fitness Equipment Leasing – Fat Burning Tips: Motivation

Fitness Equipment Leasing

We, the fitness equipment leasing gurus at LeaseQ, bring our series on fat burning tips to an end with this installment, detailing what is probably the single most difficult obstacle for anyone looking to get into better shape, namely, finding the proper motivation to do so. You have to be in the proper frame of mind to pursue fitness, you have to have a goal, and you have to have the perseverance to see that goal through to completion. Once you’ve cleared those hurdles, you’re halfway home.

For starters, get a partner. Weight training is a lot easier and more fun when done with someone who has the same goals as yourself. They can also push you beyond your comfort zone, allowing you to achieve more than you would if left to your own devices.  And a little competition never hurt anybody.

Discipline yourself. If you get tired enough of how you look and feel, then you will commit yourself to making the necessary life changes to make a difference. You are the only one who can make that change. Make the resolution to do it, and then create a plan and carry it out. Make the time that is required for trips to the gym, proper food preparation, and rest and make your schedule accommodate it. It is possible.

When it comes to fitness, sometimes you need a little nudge, or perhaps something bigger.

On the flip side, be flexible. Don’t lock yourself into goals that you may or may not reach. Unrealistic goals set you up for a fall….big time.  Set realistic goals, because meeting them will only serve to motivate you to push for bigger and greater results. Failing too early in the process will only discourage you from continuing to try.

There’s something to be said for nerds who read a lot and are well informed. Read up on all you can find about fitness and workouts, and learn all you can about how the body works, how exercise benefits, and what role nutrition plays in the process.  Knowledge is power. Believe it.

Sign up for a race or other major sporting event. Knowing that you have a 5K looming on the horizon is an excellent way to get motivated to reach your fitness goals.

Cheat every now and again. Allowing yourself the occasional cheat meal can in many cases prevent you from going off the deep end, making your diet more tolerable. In the long run, you will find yourself better able to stay on track.

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By the same token, stick to your guns. If you can do so for a few weeks, you may find yourself adopting some fitness habits that will be a good for you, and b) hard to break. This is an agreeable combination.

Use visual aids. Put up a picture of your current self beside one cut from a magazine that best illustrates the body you want.  Be realistic, and you may find this to be something that you visit almost every day just to see how you’re doing. Perhaps a series of pictures, chronicling your progress from heavy to trim, would be in order.

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