Fitness Equipment Leasing – Fat Burning Tips: Supplementation

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As we head into June, the fitness equipment leasing providers at LeaseQ want to continue the series on proper fat burning techniques. This installment deals with supplementation, designed to help burn fat quickly and inexpensively.  Utilizing some or all of these techniques will no doubt help you reach your fitness goals faster and put you on the fast track to a healthy lifestyle.

For starters, invest in a fat burner. Of course you should consult with your physician first, especially if you have pre existing medical conditions such as high blood pressure or asthma. Fat burners can aggravate those conditions. Newer products on the market such as Hydroxycut and Lipid Fx have demonstrated remarkable results.

If you enjoy drinking tea, especially as much as this author does, then go for green teas in beverage or capsule form, as it is a reliable fat burning solution and very safe for most everyone.

Supplements are becoming increasingly popular when it comes to fighting fat and toning muscle.

Even caffeine has its place, as drinking coffee before a cardio workout will cause you to burn more fat, with a higher caloric burn, as well as using a greater portion of body fat for fuel during the workout itself.

Similarly, amino acids, consumed in just the right amounts prior to a workout of an hour’s duration on a stationary bike can burn the same amount of calories but more fat than those who partook of a placebo drink.

Carnitine transports to areas where they can be burned in the mitochondria of muscle and other cells, is another excellent way to help burn more fat. Three weeks of carnitine supplements can increase carmintine levels and enhance fat usage during exercise, and ten days of carnintine supplements can increase the amount of fat burned off.

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Creatine builds muscle and can additionally work to ramp up body fat loss. One group of test subjects taking creatine increased both strength and muscle mass, as well as averaging a 0.5% reduction in body fat percentage.  Some in the study dropped as much as 1% body fat.

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