How To Plan An Effective Audio Visual Presentation

It’s very important that as a business owner you know how to plan an effective audio visual presentation.

audio visual presentationYou only get one chance to make a good presentation and the way you go about it will either create a good or a bad impression for your organization. You should ensure that your impact is positive given that your abilities and professionalism are on display. Frankly, it is a wasted opportunity if you do not give an effective presentation the very first time.

Audio visual equipment such as LCD projectors, cameras, monitors, computers, sound system, etc., are important tools for an effective audio visual presentation. You need to properly plan and set up the equipment for the event. Many events are disrupted or start late because set up was not completed on time. Not only does this get you off to a bad start but it also disgruntles the people you are presenting to. Here are some tips on how you can plan for an effective presentation but first, it’s important to learn the cheapest way to acquire this equipment.

How To Acquire Audio Visual Equipment

Depending on your budget, you can either purchase or lease your audio visual equipment. If you plan to use the equipment for only one presentation, then it wouldn’t make sense to purchase it. However, if you plan on making several presentations in a month, then it makes sense to purchase it.

Leasing or renting your equipment is not only convenient but it is cheap. You can get state of the art audio visual equipment at a fraction of the cost. If you plan on using the equipment for a long time, you can get into an agreement with your lessor and sign a lease-to-own agreement. With a lease to own agreement, you can either purchase the equipment at the end of your lease period at $1 or fair market value.

You don’t have to make any down payments or provide any form of collateral. In addition, if you decide that you won’t need the equipment any more, you can easily terminate your lease. Although this might attract a penalty, terminating your lease early is still an option to consider when you are not interested in leasing your audio visual equipment anymore. This debunks the myth that once you sign a lease agreement, you are bound by the lease until the lease period ends.

How To Plan For An Effective Audio Visual Presentation

Now that you have acquired all the audio visual equipment that you need, you should start planning for your presentation.

  1. Ensure that your audio visual equipment is compatible with your computers. If the equipment is not compatible then you might end up with a distorted picture or no pictures at all.
  2. Organize your technology properly. Mucking around with technology while presenting will distract your audience and you won’t effectively get your message across. For instance, once you have acquired your projector, is there a suitable wall or screen to project onto?
  3. Consider the size of your audience. Do you have the right equipment to make the right presentation to them? Will your presentation be in a dark room or a room with ambient light? This is important because it will help you choose the strength of the projector and the size of your screen. If you plan to project on a wall, don’t use a glossy wall because it will reflect the light.
  4. Is the PA system that you chose strong enough for the size of your audience? Will you be audible enough or will you need extra speakers and microphones?

Final Word

You need to ensure that you lease the right type of equipment for your audience and for your venue if you want your presentation to go as planned. There are many ways that you can cut back on costs when looking to acquire audio visual equipment. You can either make a direct purchase or lease it. Leasing is the preferred method because:

  1. It is flexible
  2. It is cheaper
  3. Helps you acquire state-of-the-art equipment
  4. Requires no upfront payments
  5. Allows you to upgrade your equipment

Ensure that your equipment is positioned properly to allow you to walk around while you are presenting.

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