Don’t Get A Commercial Barbecue Grill Until You’ve Read This

Carbon steel grills and stainless steel grills have different properties so the information found here is about acquiring a commercial barbecue grill made of carbon steel.

commercial barbecue grillIf you are planning on opening an outdoor area where you can serve your customers with grilled kabobs, chicken breast, burgers, fresh stakes and other tasty treats, an outdoor commercial barbecue grill is essential. Many manufacturers will tell you that their grills are easy to assemble, clean and they are even ready to be shipped.

While these are admirable qualities, there are also other factors to keep in mind when looking to get a commercial barbecue grill. Because it is a commercial grill, it has to give you some returns. Here are some of the things you should consider before making a cash purchase on your grill:

How To Choose A Commercial Barbecue Grill

1. Safety

Only look for a commercial barbecue grill that is certified. Many manufacturers don’t make their grills under strict guidelines so they may not withstand rigorous commercial use. A proper certification gives you assurance that the grill is safe for you and your staff to use. It means that the manufacturer invested enough time and money to build a secure grill that meets certain standards.

If you plan to make a cash purchase on a gas grill, ensure that it meets gas equipment safety standards. Keep in mind that only reputable certifying agencies should certify the grill. Such reputable agencies include CSA, NSF, Intertek Testing and UL. Not only does purchasing a grill that is certified help you obtain Fire Marshall Approval, but it also helps you avoid serious accidents.

2. Versatility

Your ideal grill should be versatile enough to rake in more profits for you. For instance, it should be portable so that you are able to move it from one place to another, depending on where there’s a good business opportunity.

3. Controlled Heat

Many commercial barbecue grills give off a lot of heat and start up very fast. In most cases, it is very unlikely that you will such need high amounts of heat. When looking for a barbecue grill, your primary concern should be looking for one that distributes heat evenly. There are many factors that control the amount of heat that a grill gives off:

  1. LP tank level
  2. Barometric pressure
  3. Altitude
  4. Grill maintenance
  5. Wind conditions

The right amount of heat results in better cooking experiences. If your grill gets too hot, it ruins your food, uses more gas and puts your staff at greater risk of getting serious burns.

4. Material Used To Build The Firebox

Look for a grill that is made of 12 gauge steel rather than 14 gauge steel. This is because 14 gauge steel is less thick and weaker than 12 gauge steel. It might sound like bigger is always better when choosing items made of steel but this is not true.

Bolted fireboxes are less durable than welded fireboxes. This makes bolted fireboxes more likely to warp under extreme heat. The more reinforcement there is on the underside the more durable your grill will be.

5. Size Of The Grill

You need a large grill to feed a lot of people fast. An ideal surface area would be 24” X 60”.

6. Budget

Your budget will determine which type of a commercial barbecue grill you will purchase. One disadvantage of making direct cash purchases is that you need to produce the money upfront in order to make a purchase. This may be tough for you if you are a startup and you are on a tight budget.

Leasing a commercial grill is a great way of saving money and freeing up operating capital. You don’t need to have large amounts of cash for deposits or down payments. You can lease any type of grill and receive regular maintenance and repairs.

Nearly all businesses qualify for a lease, even those that have damaged credit scores. You just need to find an equipment leasing company that has in place leasing programs for businesses with damaged credit scores. Moreover, you do not need to provide any form of collateral because many leasing companies use their equipment as collateral. In the event that you are unable to continue making payments, your lessor will simply take back their equipment.

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